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The Americans 2x08 Reviewed

New Car
Martha is queasy about her snooping. The rarely kind or thoughtful Philip buys a car. The defector sent back to Russia gets his own plot as he stews in stoic thoughtfulness. Martha’s bosses are awful. There is blather about stealth technology. Stan’s wife has infelicity and he sees her as a hindrance now. Martha is susceptible to Philip acting like he cares. Stan is an idiot. Elizabeth glumly lets the SEAL kill Lucia. Oleg is a pernicious tool. Henry breaks into a neighbour’s house to play video games. He is their kid, I see vagrancy in his future. There is a twist regarding the stolen propeller plans. Philip and Liz menace a guy. Henry cries and this was largely terrible.

Best Lines:
“Don’t you enjoy any of this?”

“We have to live this way.”
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