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Arrow 2x20 + Crisis 1x03 + Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 1x18 +The Blacklist 1x20 Reviewed

Seeing Red
Felicity needs to wear a bra, shut her mouth and go away. TPTB continue to big her up in ill-considered fashion. Diggle and Felicity are stupid. Roy is non-virtuous. Oliver is dumb and Sara is a selfish, opportunistic mess of sheer stupidity. Moira and her sinewy neck bemoans her lot. Thea utters vocal criticism. Where is Malcolm during all this? Does he not care that Tommy is dead? Sin is menaced by Roy. Moira shrilly plays the caring card. Blood’s fanaticism is obvious if anyone would only notice. Moira has no accountability. Oliver and Sara show off fallible humanity, Roy crosses a line and Oliver is injured.

Diggle lauds Moira, Sara will not stop talking, she is the nastiest bint. Roy hallucinates. Oliver disseminates substantial stupidity. Moira makes a revelation. TPTB try hard but I still have major antipathy for Moira, she was an unsustainable character. Sara and her butt chin are stupid; she seems resigned to the perpetuity of stupid decisions and whining darkness. Sin’s pain is ignored. Oliver will not stop lying and this leads to Slade striking. Stuff comes out, a choice is offered, Oliver shirks responsibility yet again and bad things happen. This was okay but Oliver is an ass. Flashbacks to seven years ago involve bad wigs, Oliver becoming a father and Moira blackmailing the baby mamma to go away after slut shaming her.

Best Lines:
“I don’t know what that is.”

“Your lies did that.”

“A new day is coming.”

“Don’t lurk.”

“He’s totally crazed.”

“How many of those venom arrows do we have?”
“About 20.”
“I need all of them.”

What Was Done To You
Suzy and Finley stride around. The White House Chief of Staff is menaced. The First Lady takes umbrage. The POTUS has a bad wig. TPTB place a moratorium on this show making sense. Suzy and her negligence annoy. Finley and Suzy are proactively stupid. There is bad acting and Mr Gibson is greasy as he accumulates reasons for his blood feud.

The walking shirtless scene First Son tries to escape. The fat kid is tacitly annoying. There is no Meg. But there is shouting. Suzy and her unchanging facial expression bore. This episode was botched, non-innovating and fatigued. A General is menaced on Gibson’s orders. Gibson is a manipulative, selfish, predator and rants about some form of misjustice that was done to him. The General guesses who the kidnapper is thus earning himself death. Gibson bores, tenuous assumptions are made about what is going on and the investigation is oddly passive.

Best Lines:
“You must really hate them.”
“Hate who?”

“Everyone breaks.”

“He loves his daughter, more than he hates this.”

“What you want does not exist.”

“I’m shooting him until he dies.”

Ward smirks, Garrett reveals he is the Clairvoyant to various baddies and Colonel Talbot (Adrian Pasdar of ‘Profit’ and ‘Heroes’) and his fake moustache hunts SHIELD agents. Raina hangs around, SHIELD are branded terrorists. Unholy retribution is coming for SHIELD and their spurious opacity. Coulson is a petty cut price ass. Skye erases all evidence of the team’s existence. Ward boasts how he was purposefully blank, heroic and isolated to win over the team. Coulson has no problem with how SHIELD practised imprisonment without trial.

Ward really does like Skye, Raina has a new mission, Coulson’s SHIELD badge glows and he spits abuse, cheap shots and low digs. Garrett mocks the Hydra salute. Ward is far more interesting as a bad guy, was he brainwashed by Garrett? Coulson is appalling, Fitz is persistently troublesome and Garrett and Ward raid The Fridge in a flurry of bad CGI. They grin a lot as they steal all the loot Coulson’s team found so far this season. Their teeth have optic brightness.

Garrett and Ward are uncompromisingly evil and have rancorous angry stares. Coulson is a hopeless, pathetic, damp fug who can’t act. Something seems to be wrong with Garrett and Ward has a mission. This was good, with epic amounts of slash between Garrett and Ward especially when Garrett batters Ward to make his story seem convincing.

Best Lines:
“We’ll be ghosts.”

“Tiny, windowless, permanent home.”

“So far everything has been a trap.”

“I owe Garrett everything.”

“It was too good a line.”

“Make me believe.”

“The Fridge has fallen.”

“You almost ripped my tongue out of my mouth!”

“I’ve been in a cell smaller than my shoe closet! I wasn’t allowed to eat with a fork! Which would have been worse of I’d been allowed to eat anything but meatloaf!”

The Kingmaker (no.45)
The envelope Tom left for Liz has the same symbol as the box she found his stash in and the same mark was burnt into Liz’s hand. Odd that the burn scar isn’t mentioned anymore. A Prague politician is framed for the murder of a male escort by a creepy English guy (Linus Roache of ‘Batman Begins’). Red has a mysterious enemy Ressler wonders about Liz and Tom. Liz and Ressler chase the mysterious Englishman who makes politicians famous and is known as The Kingmaker. Liz is such a Mary-Sue and is Tom obsessesed. The Kingmaker smokes and sniffs.

Red has a myopic glare-off with Alan (a bored looking Alan Alda). They have a mutual enemy in someone. The Kingmaker arranges for a minor politician to have a car accident that will make him a Senator. The minor politician is perfectly fine with this even if the accident kills his wife and injures their daughter. All for a media stunt. The Kingmaker tries to kill someone. The Kingmaker had opaque motives. Red sulks. Liz learns what Tom was trying to tell her. Liz is done with Red. Didn’t she say that before? Liz hasn’t bothered to clean her house after the brawl with Tom and heads over to see Ressler. This was good.

Best Lines:
“I don’t have friends.”

“Smells like decadence and vice.”

“They’ve been planning this thing for years.”

“I will win this war.”
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