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Retro Review: Journeyman (2007)

This cancelled time travel drama was about Dan Vasser (Kevin McKidd of ‘Dog Soldiers’), his ex Livia, his wife Katie and his foul brother Jack.

1x01 Love of a Lifetime
Former gambling addict Dan starts time travelling. It is never explained how he and Katie afford their San Francisco mansion. This was okay but Dan’s estranged brother Jack (Reed Diamond of ‘Dollhouse’) is an awful person.

1x02 Friendly Skies
A trip away for Dan and Katie goes awry when Dan time travels onto another plane mid flight. The source of Jack’s resentment against Dan is revealed, Jack dated Katie first.

1x03 Game Three
Dan travels back to 1989 and sees his old self, Livia, Katie and Jack on a date. Oblique.

1x04 The Year of the Rabbit
Jack stalks his brother and sister in law. Dull.

1x05 The Legend of Dylan McCleen
Dan runs into his long lost father in the past and ends up with the loot stolen by an infamous thief. A lot of plot is set up here. Okay.

1x06 Keepers
Dan time travels back to help two brothers in a really unsubtle parallel of himself and Jack. Whilst in the past Dan overhears an important conversation between Katie and Jack. Meanwhile Jack and his cheese grater personality ups his stalking. Good.

1x07 Double Down
Livia is also a time traveller and she saves Dan’s future. Jack storms into Dan and Katie’s house and threatens to have their son taken away. Jack is an unsympathetic, aggressive, jealous prat. Good.

1x08 Winterland
Katie learns something intriguing about Livia, she is from 1948. Dan and Jack have it out and Dan orders Jack out of his house and life. Very good.

1x09 Emily
Dan tracks a serial killer. Jack’s gal pal (Lisa Sheridan of ‘Invasion’) tells him to have Dan locked up and poisons him against Dan. Good.

1x10 Blowback
The serial killer breaks out of jail, shoots Dan and menaces Katie. Livia confronts Jack which shocks him as she was declared dead in a plane crash prior to 1x01. People are hunting the time travellers. Good.

1x11 Home by Another Way
Dan has to save his newspaper from layoffs. Good luck with that pal. Livia’s life in 1948 is explored. Jack’s gal pal Theresa tells him she is pregnant and she manipulates him some more. Dan and Jack’s mom hates Katie. Dull.

1x12 The Hanged Man
During a time travel jaunt to 1981, Dan loses a digital camera. History changes. Dan and Katie’s son no longer exists. Dan and Livia try to fix things. A psychic freaks, a comet is mentioned and Jack stops being a lardy fascist and helps his brother. Good.

1x13 Perfidia
The final ever ep. Dan meets another time traveller. Jack wants answers. Livia goes back to 1948. Theresa has trapped Jack with the baby and she is a mole for the bad people. Good.


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