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Book Reviews: Quintessence + ReVisions

Quintessence by David Walton
This alternate universe tale gives a misimpression of adventure. Instead we get a flagrant exercise in incompetence that is not plausible. In Tudor England, the Parris family get wrapped up in exploration and magic. Mrs Parris subjects her family to hostile scrutiny due to her egocentricity and narcissism. She is absolutist malignancy and the tale is nothing but frivolous inertia thanks to her aggression and the indelibly bad writing and the accumulation of moronic characters. This is an incredibly bad book with a lot of poor choices made by everyone. This book is not congruent with enjoyment.

Best Lines:
“You want to evangelize the manticores?”

“He’s not a good man.”
“But you brought him here.”

ReVisions edited by Julie E. Czerneda & Isaac Szpindel
This 2004 anthology is about alternate histories and is excellent.

The Resonance of Light
Nikola Tesla prevents WW1. Interesting.

Out of China
A cure is found for the Black Death in 1301 but there is a price to pay. Unnerving.

Site Fourteen
President Kennedy explored the oceans not the moon. Okay.

Silent Leonardo
Da Vinci made war and genocide into art forms. Chilling, creepy and good.

A Call From The Wild
The dog was never domesticated. Good.

The Terminal Solution
Dr Livingstone brought AIDS back to Victorian England and in a world without the concept of viruses or sterile procedures, it becomes a worldwide pandemic. Deeply unsettling.

The Ashbazu Effect
Sumerians invented the printing press. Interesting.

Swimming Upstream In The Wells of the Desert
The world or most of it anyway has adopted Cold Fusion. Good.

America banned the internet. Good.

When The Morning Stars Sang Together
A 20th century Jesuit faces the Inquisition for daring to question the sacred works of St Galileo. Unnerving.

Herd Mentality
The Nazis cloned Einstein. Creepy.
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