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Penny Dreadful’ promo

‘Doctors’ Quotes:
“You need a good seeing to.”

“If you’re not happy, you can talk to my lawyer.”

“I’m becoming one of those women aren’t I?”

“When you get back from doing whatever it is you’re doing?”

I am back reading ‘Quintessence’ and it is turgid.

I adore chocolate brownies.
Ben & Jerry’s flavours I miss: Minter Wonderland, Blond Brownie and Rainforest Crunch.

‘Flowers In the Attic’ (book) Quotes:
“They were dust in their graves by now.”

“Sickly-looking people who were, I presumed, dead relatives of ours.”

“Who could hear us in this remote, forbidden room on the second floor, where no one came.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Fraser has been murdered (and is gone from the opening credits). TPTB’s obsession with Fraser has irretrievably lessened this show. Grace framed Trevor for the murder and he was hauled off by the cops in a flurry of dysfunction and perturbed woe. Grace is a cartoon villain. The airheads Jason and Holly bore. Jason is blackmailing Sonny over something. Its sadness time for Maxine as Patrick rubs cake over her face. And she is carrying his child. Maxine just accepts the chastisement out of desperation. Ste is staunchly boring and the single dumbest person alive. Who killed Fraser? I don’t care; it’s not exactly who killed Laura Palmer is it? I’m guardedly hoping the Patrick/Maxine plot will resolve well. Maxine’s unborn child could have Down’s syndrome. Finn tries to roofie Phoebe and Patrick ends up drinking it. Patrick twerks and falls through a window as a result. It is full on Miley Cyrus.
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