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Philip is told to bug the precursor to the internet. Nina practices for her polygraph. Henry proves to be his parent’s son. Philip is in disarray over the Arpanet. The blackmailed SEAL is notoriously violent. There is technobabble. Things are turbulent and unsettled. Nina plays vulnerable. Distrust is kindled. Is Oleg malicious and scurrilous? The sleaze will not wash out of Stan. Nina influences Stan and Oleg and finds it arduous. This episode was an also-ran. The Nicaraguan spy is embittered and full of intensity. Everyone wears cheap shoes and nylon. Nina proves to be unalloyed trash. Stan is painfully naff and objectifying and his entrenched scepticism is gone due to his self-obsessed sanctimonious foolery. Nina shags Oleg.

“A virtual highway.”
“Going where?”
“To the future.”

“He’s our monster.”

The Rooster Prince
This is set in 2006 for some reason. Two braggarts (one of them Adam Goldberg) show up amongst the backwater rubes. They’re here to find out who killed Hess via veiled threats and violence. This ep was non-culture as everyone is either yobbish or a seemingly avuncular moron. The reliably grotty Lester is suspected by the clingily cloying Molly. But Lester is safe, for now, thanks to people’s prefabricated views of him as a soft loser. Molly is facetious, Malvo lurks and a supermarket king (Oliver Platt) plots. He has a soon to be ex wife and a befuddled son. There is an abundance of Colin Hanks and his arduous kid. Lester is agitated by the distracting intrusions of Molly. So Molly’s boss Bill takes her off the case. Bill is not the assessing type. This show is failing to resonate.

Best Lines:
“The cut throat world of regional trucking.”

“He used to beat you up in high school.”

“I need to see some ID.”

“Highly irregular is the time I found a human foot in a toaster oven.”

“Drifters are a national threat.”

“Savagery, pure and simple.”

The Tower
Da Vinci dreams and twitches in jail. He is accused of being a “dung-puncher”. This revisionist view of history is drivel. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain visit to do business with Lorenzo. Clarice shows Queen Isabella and Friar Torquemada the statue of David. They are full of conservatism and aren’t impressed. As it is I’m barely engaged with this show.

Leonardo’s dad is defending him which is hard as the charges are true. Leonardo is contentious and is mental, angry and mega-sulky. How can he escape condemnation? Why via a cunning plan forged in desperation of course. Pazzi is the prosecutor. A bawdy play wins over Ferdinand who calls his wife “pug-faced” and agrees to bank with Lorenzo. The trial is portentous and Leonardo’s ragged lifestyle does not help. The trial is a mere renunciation as Pazzi adds charges of sorcery to the mix. Leonardo vows to avoid the death penalty and find out who wrote the denunciation. Lorenzo and his unloved brother have bitterness. Leonardo does a temporary prison break via bat poo bombs. He blackmails the judge via a pig, a camera obscura and an early form of photography. The ending is silly beyond words.

Best Lines:
“I find it lewd.”


“Shame my family at your peril harlot.”

“Money has no smell.”

“No-one burns for this crime.”

“In a land with no name across the seas.”


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