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Movie Review: Ghostbusters (1984)

Three idiots grubbily hunt ghosts with languor and moodiness as private paranormal investigators. There are dated SFX, perms, leisure wear and jokes about bankers. Peter (Bill Murray) is a knicker ripping capricious bully. Ray (Dan Aykroyd) is unambitious and Egon (Harold Ramis) is the funereal looking only smart one, he is cute with his arthouse look. They hire a receptionist named Janine (Annie Potts), drive around in the extremely conspicuous Ecto-1 car and wear boiler suits and unlicensed nuclear accelerators. Slimer is encountered and he is not cute and cuddly like he was in the cartoon. Speaking of which in the cartoon ‘The Real Ghostbusters’, Janine got her own episode ‘Janine You’ve Changed’ and once the Ghostbusters captured the ghosts from ‘A Christmas Carol’. Dana (Sigourney Weaver) finds something in her fridge and is in peril. They trash a hotel and become famous. Winston (Ernie Hudson) is hired. To think John Belushi, John Candy and Eddie Murphy were originally meant to be in this film.

An obstructive EPA bureaucrat shows up. Peter boasts of having PHDs. The bureaucrat wants to subject the Ghostbusters to public shaming because he’s repulsive, spiteful, galling and venomous. Egon wears a sweater vest and everyone smokes. Dana and Louis (Rick Moranis) her efficacious abjectly servile neighbour are menaced by hellish things in rapey fashion. This is not exactly a Beckettian portrait of existential despair. How do Dana and Louis afford to live in Central Park West penthouses? Janine loves the oblivious Egon. It may be the end times but the EPA bureaucrat is loath to listen to reason and turns off the ghost storage facility. Soon a Sumerian god is en route. Dana wears a tacky ‘She-Ra’ style red dress. The public love the daffy unconventional Ghostbusters as they head off to save the day. This was daft with a classic theme song and was co-written by the late Harold Ramis.

Best Lines:
“My parents left me that house.”

“Everybody has three mortgages nowadays.”

“The neighbourhood is like a demilitarized zone.”

“Your supernatural elimination needs.”

“Type something will you?”

“I collect spores, mould and fungus.”

“I blame myself.”
“So do I.”

“He’s looking at me.”

“The table broke the fall.”

“Class 5 full roaming vapour.”

“You’re a real humanitarian.”
“I don’t think he’s human.”

“Something terrible is about to enter our world.”

“I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.”

“You said crossing the streams was bad.”

“I feel like the floor of a taxi cab.”
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