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Star-Crossed 1x03 + Revenge 3x18 Reviewed

Our Toil Shall Strive To Mind
It is the 10th anniversary of Arrival Day. ‘Roswell’ is ripped off. The Atrians act in such a way that the humans should have disquiet about them. Roman is excoriating inexpressive. One of the school guards is an Atrian pretending to be human. The Atrian Rambo spews macho nonsense and acts as the culture police while looking like he has beer breath. Roman acts dodgy and dubious. Somehow Julia’s doctors did not notice Atrian blood in her after her miracle cure from terminal cancer. The Atrians whine about ideological considerations to an inconceivably awful pop soundtrack.

Roman evades the perilously dim Emery. The Trags plot to kill all humans with an Atrian bio-weapon. This episode was rank and rotten. Roman’s uncle perpetuates something, the Atrians are prominently violent and untrustworthy, Roman is menaced by a leaf and everything reinforces negative opinions of the insular Atrians. Nothing they do is flattering to them. The Red Hawk hijack Arrival Day, the Red Hawks are basically the Purists from ‘Alien Nation’. They are not so crazed whackos. Roman is stoical and boring on an untrammelled scale as he makes a mitigation speech. Emery is dismissive and discomforted. She needs emotional coaching. There is a revelation in the final scene that raises questions.

Best Lines:
“Not just footage of you getting yelled at by Atrians.”

“One day we’re going to break down these walls and you’ll all be sorry.”

Aiden remembers his dead daddy. Emily makes it all about her. Victoria is a loose woman. Daniel has frustrated distain, Pascal and his thick accent fulminates, Aiden and Emily look up his mother who deranged dispassion. Javier goes through a bizarre personality change, Victoria looks up Mason and Margaux is critically compromised and condemning. Daniel’s methodology to get Emily seems to be working. Aiden does silence. Another clue is found. Javier and Charlotte have delusional misidentification syndrome. Pascal had Margaux at 19 and things are suddenly optimistic between them. Victoria senses a rout coming. Daniel is too solicitous. Stevie drinks her way off the show. Jack has a catharsis. The logistics are of the Mason plot are silly and this was okay but Emily’s position is insecure and she doesn’t know it.

Best Lines:
“People still talk.”
“Oh I doubt that.”

“You still lie elegantly.”

“My father is stepping down and handing over the company to my idiot brother.”
“Which one?”

“Tick tock goes the Clarke.”
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