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Retro Review: Jake 2.0 (2003 - 2004) part 2

1x06 Last Man Standing
Jake attends a wedding and Diane tags along as his nanites have him afflicted with rampant paranoia. Okay.

1x07 Jerry 2.0
Jake’s idiot brother; the undeniably arrogant, ineffective, bungling Jerry pays a visit and he steals Jake’s NSA ID. Funny.

1x08 Middleman
Jake tells Sarah about the nanites. She is brutally caustic, unbelieving and stomps away and off the show. Yay! Sarah was the worst possible example of liberal left wing arrogance. Okay.

1x09 Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot
Jake is sent undercover into a Special Forces unit full of larger louts. Good.

1x10 The Spy Who Really Liked Me
Jake helps a rogue spy (Laura Harris) and his boss, Lou, mutters stuff. Okay.

1x11 The Prince and the Revolution
Jake is sent back to college. Weak.

1x12 Double Agent
The NSA brings legendary agent Richard Fox (Lee Majors) out of retirement and sends him on a mission with Jake. This was hilarious and oddly touching as Fox lost his sense of moral purpose with the end of the Cold war.

Best Lines:
“There was an accident.”
“Yeah, there’s always an accident.”

1x13 Blackout
Dumont returns and gives Jake amnesia and plots to steal his nanities. Lou and the NSA issue a shoot-to-kill order on Jake. Good.

1x14 Get Foley
Diane fixes Jake and he returns to the NSA. Kyle and Lou are noxious. This was a letdown.

1x15 Dead Man Walking
A Lou centric episode as Jake is comatose. I don’t care how Lou became a cold-hearted psychopath.

1x16 Upgrade
Jake gives himself a nanite upgrade and kills someone. The horrible goblin Dumont continues to plot. Oh how problematic, malefacious and egregious he isn’t. The Kyle/Jake friendship was discarded after 1x12 and shows no sign of returning. Plot threads are left hanging as the show was cancelled. This was good and a nicely dark way to go out rather than what TPTB had planned for the finale (Jake v Dumont and no more nanities. Yawn). It is a shame TPTB ruined Kyle by turning him into a cold, hostile, accusatory lunatic.
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