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Trailers, Quotes and a 2003 Tape Tale

‘The Blacklist’ 1x19 promo
Liz and Tom beat on each other. I’m on Team Tom.

Best Lines:
“Be careful of your husband.”

“I needed you to be wrong about him.”

‘Petals On The Wind’ trailer
It is 10 years later. Cathy is a ballerina and Corrine starts the fire. This looks good.

‘Brick Mansions’ TV spot

‘The Client List’ season 2 promo

‘Cyberstalker’ promo

‘Night Train To Lisbon’ promo

‘Mad Men’ season 6 promo

Gimme Shelter’ promo

‘In Secret’ promo

True Blood’ season 7 promo
Sookie whines, vamps attack and FEMA is asked for help. What?

Best Line:
“There’s no-one left.”

I tided up some LJ tags.

There will be no review of ‘Elementary’ 2x19 ‘The Many Mouths of Aaron Conville’ or 2x20 ‘No Lack of Void’.

I am reading ‘Tower of Babel’.

Kenny Everett’ Far Cough skit = a classic.

James Marshall who was on ‘Twin Peaks’ now has no colon.

I love dark chocolate Easter egg.
Strawberry Shortbread frozen yogurt= nice.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“So intoxicated she urinated all over herself and the chair.”

“You had an obligation to do something.”

“He left a dead snake in my door.”

“Giving them a power they don’t have.”

Tower of Babel’ Quote:
“Humans also hid their conquests behind pusillanimous labels like “Federation” and “democracy””

“The first lesson of not being seen is not to stand up.”

“D’Nesh would have had her sold into slavery in a Klingon torture pit years ago.”

“If you don’t mind, I’ll show myself out.”
“Technically, I never invited you in.”

‘World War Z’ (movie) Quote:
“There is nowhere to evacuate you to.”

‘Neighbours’ Quotes:
“She’s still out there somewhere.”
“And that’s where she should stay.”

‘Smallville’ Quote:
“I’m the king of family dysfunction.”

Gameface’ Quote:
“I washed my dick in Dove for you.”

Cleared out a 2003 tape. It began with an ‘Odyssey 5’ ep ‘Rage’ in which the gang of idiots do stuff with prehistoric technology. People have rage attacks and this was non-gratifying.

Then came a season 7 ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ ep ‘Him’ in which everything looks buttery. This was another example of the circular crap that exemplified season 7. And this was a presumptuous remake of a season 2 episode to boot. This had way too much Dawn and sucked hard. Why are Buffy, Xander and willow hanging out in a teen club?

Best Lines:
You just gonna go down to the docks, wait for the fleet to come in?”

“Anna-Nicole Smith thinks you look tacky.”

Then came a season 4 ‘Angel’ episode ‘Supersymmetry’ that is all about Fred and her trait of bringing men own. I decline to care. TPTB were insistent that we love Fred. No.

Finally there was the final ever ‘Odyssey 5’ ep ‘Fossil’. This show never knew populism and watching it one can see why. There is bitter gloom as ugly boring Angela vanishes and the gang of idiots swear and scream in response. Chuck talks in his disarming down home, homespun wisdom. The truth about Bright Sky and the Cadre is revealed making the gang of idiots look even dumber. A woman talks about the moon being artificial and sub-audible moon rocks. Mendel is arrested. Twists are flung at the screen. But since the show was cancelled; there is nothing to care about.

Best Lines:
“Suffocated my wife, tried to steal my goddam mind, hooked you on drugs.”
“Almost made me believe in God.”

“They’re not people.”
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