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The Green Hornet #10 & #11 Reviewed

The Green Hornet #10
The Green Hornet and Kato continue to fight the saboteurs. This vexing tale is less than alluring.

Best Line:
“No crazier than a pampered newspaper heir posing as a mobster.”

The Green Hornet #11
The Green Hornet has his own mob. Dugan continues on a weird knife edge of insanity, it is regrettable that the Hornet and Kato don’t notice. Casey plays at vigilante. But Dugan finally reaches the end of the slippery slope and proves to be an ungovernable minion. The Horner’s decisions have had shocking consequences. Now what? This was good but it was distasteful the art made a female murder victim look ‘sexy’.

Best Lines:
“I killed your boss, I admit it.”

“Everyone’s staying unless they have the guts to quit to my face.”

“I’ll charitably assume you’re stupid, not lying.”
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