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Book Review: Lovecraft's Monsters

Lovecraft’s Monsters edited by Ellen Datlow
This was anthology of reprints.

Only The End of the World Again
By Neil Gaiman. A werewolf takes on Innsmouth nutters. Okay.

A ridiculous ‘hard-boiled’ tale of Lovecraftian oblivion in the Old West.

Red Goat Black Goat
A family is driven to oblivion by Lovecraftian undulations. This was a muted meaningless concoction.

The Same Deep Waters As You
This is yet another sequel to ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’. An animal whisperer is brought to an internment camp to try and communicate with the surviving Innsmouth residents. This was excellent.

Best Lines:
“His blood was still red. She had to admit, she’d wondered.”

“Wide irregular terraces that might have been stairs, only for nothing that walked on human feet.”

A Quarter To Three
By Kim Newman. Another tale of abstracted Innsmouth goings on. Disproportionately boring for such an absurd minuscule story.

The Dappled Thing
In darkest Africa, Englishmen are assailed by a lake monster. This was weary.

Inelastic Collisions
Two Hounds of Tindalos play pool. This tries too hard for arty conceit.

Survivors of Cthulhu’s rising are rescued by soothing aliens whose vocation it is to do such things. This was the opposite of poignant and was horrifically stupid.

Love Is Forbidden. We Croak and Howl
By Caitlin R. Kiernan. A ghoul falls in love with an Innsmouth girl. This was inventive, sad and evocative.

The Sect Of the Idiot
A historiographical spew of word vomit. The very opposite of delectable.

Jar of Salts
An absurd Innsmouth poem.

Black as the Pit, from Pole to Pole
Frankenstein’s monster journeys to the centre of the Earth killing, maiming and whining. Crap.

Waiting At The Crossroads Motel
This is an over-praised tale of a family with bad blood. And it ends abruptly.

I’ve Come To Talk With You Again
An author remonstrates with himself for making a deal with the King In Yellow. My interest rapidly diminished.

The Bleeding Shadow
A dull retelling of one of Lovecraft’s odder tales.

That of Which We Speak When We Speak Of The Unspeakable
Datlow already collected this tale in the ‘Lovecraft Unbound’ anthology. This is a simple and direct tale of college students hiding out in a cave awaiting the end. Good.

A poem about Ghouls. Enough!

Children of the Fang
This was a good story in which siblings grow discomfited about what their creepily affable grandpa keeps in the padlocked freezer.

Best Line:
“You do not keep an earth-shattering scientific find on ice in the cellar of your house in upstate New York.”
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