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Book Review: Night Film

Night Film by Marisha Pessl
When disgraced former investigative journalist Scott McGrath learns Ashley Cordova has killed herself, he sees it as a chance to revive his discredited investigation into her legendary father. Stanislas Cordova is an iconic director of infamous chilling films who has lived as a recluse for years.

When McGrath previously tried to bring Cordova into the light for some scrutiny and accountability, it cost him his career and his marriage. Now McGrath knows if he can find out why the talented Ashley died, he can undo his wrecked career. But his pestering and disproportionate obsession reveals an ambiguity about Ashley and as his investigation gets notably gruelling and traumatic McGrath is sure all his suspicions about Cordova will finally be validated.

Discrepancies, evasions and fan epistles build a disturbing picture of ritualistic cruelty, lack of authorial distance and hints of terrible darkness that the indomitable McGrath cannot rationalise. His quest makes him petulant, hysterical and beyond reckless and he will do anything and risk anything to drag Cordova into the harsh light of day and shame him. This was an excellent and disturbing tale about warped perspective, obsession and it cumulates as you would expect.

Best Line:
“But perhaps that was what happened when one decided to forever orbit a hulking planet with a mass that dwarfed one’s own.”
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