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‘Oculus’ trailer
Karen Gillan is in this, don’t you know. This film has a haunted mirror, a discharged mental patient and his sister (Gillan) who is obsessed with the mirror that has killed 47 people in the four centuries of his existence. This looks good and it has a Danny Dyer looking type and Karen Gillan eating a light bulb.

Best Line:
“You must be hungry.”

‘The Following’ 2x14 promo
Shut up Emma, Joe gets knives - why won’t Emma die?!?!

‘Gone Girl’ trailer
Nick (Ben Affleck) smarms as his wife Amy is missing. I’m there, I loved the book.

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (1992) promo
Shelia lives!

‘Fargo’ promo

Best Line:
“Threw up a bit ago.”

I am reading ‘Lovecraft’s Monsters’.

‘Rachel’s Holiday’ Quote:
“All there was at home was meths for the greyhound’s feet, so I drank that. Next thing I know it was a week later. I’dlostawholeweek, cany’believeit? I’veneverdonethatbefore - and I come to, being gang-banged by a crowd of fellas somewhere outside Liverpool!”

‘The Young and the Restless’ Quotes:
“Maybe we could get together some time with our kids. That’s right I forgot, your baby died.”

“How I hate that woman.”

‘Dogging Tales’ Quotes:
“We can’t really do like a lot of things in Terry’s car cos it’s quite small.”

“Let’s have a play with you.”

“Get em down.”

There will be no review of ‘Elementary' 2x18 ‘The Hound of the Cancer Cells’ because I didn’t care to watch the arduous show which has sadly atrophied inveterately in season 2.

Rose and Pistachio choc = not so hot.
Passion fruit yogurt = okay.
Lime Zest & Black Pepper dark choc = not so hot.
Blueberry yogurt = nice.
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