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Retro Review: Jake 2.0 (2003 - 2004) part 1

Show killer Christopher Gorham of ‘Covert Affairs’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Harper’s Island’ starred in this witty show as Jake Foley, nerd turned secret agent for only 16 episodes before it was axed. ‘Chuck’ totally ripped this off.

1x01 Pilot
Jake has the worlds worst haircut, idealises his dream girl Sarah and longs to be an NSA agent. Instead he is mere NSA tech support until an accident fills him with nanites. Now he’s a secret agent alongside Kyle and nanotech expert Diane fancies the oblivious Jake. This was good.

1x02 Training Day
Kyle has disappeared Jake’s annoying roommate from 1x01. Jake isn’t very good as an NSA agent. Sarah lays plot points that were never developed. Jake defeats a baddie who has invaded the NSA. Okay.

1x03 Cater Waiter
Jake goes on his first mission. Sarah continues to be vapid. Kyle and his old flame (Ling Bai) reconnect on a mission. This was okay.

1x04 Arms and the Girl
Jake is assigned to watch an arms dealer’s daughter. Jake learns she is running the family business herself. Okay.

1x05 The Good, The Bad and the Geeky
Jake goes undercover with hackers in Berlin pretending to be hacker legend Dumont. This makes Dumont declare himself Jake’s arch nemesis, which is undermined by the fact Dumont can’t act. Jake makes out with Yori (Carly Pope of ‘Popular’). Kyle goes on about Eurodollars. This was very good and Dumont would return.

Best Lines:
“You, go away now.”

“When I get out with the sole mission to frag your ass for depriving me of that, you’re still going to be the same thrift store clothes wearing, six dollar haircut loser I see before me.”
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