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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Contagion’ TV spot
I like this movie.

‘The Other Woman’ trailer
The wife and the mistresses team up to get the hubby (played by the kingslayer from ‘Game of Thrones’). No.

The cover for ‘Star Trek: The Light Fantastic’ is hideous.

Saw Prince on ‘New Girl’, hee apart from the irritating hipsters.

Sweet Tarts and Peppermint Patties can be very soothing.
I love Salt & Vinegar crisps.
I would like to try Lancashire Sauce crisps.
Sour Cream & Chive Pretzel Knots = divine.
Greek Style Lemon yogurt = nice.

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“He shot you twice with an AK47 and he’s calling you selfish.”

“If somebody is shooting at me. I don’t really care why.”

“Her husband turned an AK47 on her.”

‘Night Film’ Quotes:
“The more insistent my sense that something was wrong with Cordova.”

“Just when you think you’ve hot rock bottom, you realise you’re standing on another trapdoor.”

“He’d not only told me he hoped I rotted in hell, but had taken two wild, vodka-induced swings at me.”

“Betrayal isn’t ridiculous. It’s the reasons empires fall.”

“There was a direct ratio between your interest in Beckman’s cats and his good mood.”

“She was wearing harsh pink lipstick, which didn’t look like it’d been applied in good light or within two feet of a mirror.”

“The ones who cry when drunk and die young.”

“I waited for her to clarify that her dad wasn’t destined to meet Old Sparky.”

“Are they pimps, drug addicts, or working in the porn industry?”

“He went to see Avatar and had to be hospitalised.”

“It’s unusual to come across a vagrant passed out in our halls.”

“We can’t conclude we’re dealing with homicidal maniacs without proof.”

“What does that say about Cordova?”
“He’s toxic.”

“It’s like he thinks he’s the rebel in a John Hughes movie.”

“We didn’t have girls like Ashley in my town.”

“If my dad put half the effort he did into cutting corners into just driving around the corner, he’d be a billionaire.”

On 'Hollyoaks': Sinead wears a wig, interesting that she’s kept up her fire engine red hair dye with the death of her daughter. Sinead screams. Ste is quietly despairing. How can Sam investigate her hubby’s lovechild for murder? Ste’s life is in a familiar tragic pattern. Sam offers succour and is rejected. Fraser spews ideological confection and is in general a ludicrous and despicable little man. There is a lot of V05 product placement. Teegan swallows selective propaganda for now. Grace is pernicious. Ste somehow gets bail despite his long history of violent and anti-social behaviour. Neither Tony or Finn or Diane or Lindsey or her social worker visit Sinead to say sorry for the inaccurate, hostile, sensational, unapologetic way she was treated. Due to Ste pleading guilty, Sinead now has heartbreakingly bitter contempt for him. Ste and his lardy hair does drugs in Tony’s restaurant in an utterly irrational response. Grace’s murder plot is tedious and has made me decide to take a break from this show again. Leela is all hegemonic aggrandisement. Teegan finally admits Fraser is a murderer to her daft clan.

Best Lines:
“I knew he was a wrong un.”

“Are you totally off your head?”
“It has been suggested.”

“I ain’t letting that happen.”

“I am still on bail for trying to kill him.”

“Did the monkey just learn how to speak?”

“I hope they never let you out.”

“Your sudden interest in muscle-bound meatheads.”

“Ram it right where it hurts”
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