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Trailers, Quotes and a 2003 Tape Tale

‘Agents of SHIELD’ 1x18 promo
So cheesy but Ward has finally got way more interesting.

‘Tarzan’ promo
This update starring Lucy Lawless isn’t on DVD, which isn’t a surprise as it looks crap.

‘Semper Fi’ promo
This was a bad promo for an okay failed pilot.

The cover of ‘The Best Horror of the Year Volume 6’ is disturbing.

RIP Sue Townsend.

Had Green Tea, not bad.

‘The Rundown’ was a bad movie, I’m just saying.

‘The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 ¾’ (book) Quote:
“Pandora has got a little fat horse called ‘Blossom’. She feeds it and makes it jump over barrels every morning before school. I know because I hid behind her father’s Volvo and then followed her to a field next to the disused railway line.”

‘Dark Mirror’ Quotes:
“He wasn’t. The tree was though. But that’s another story.”

“The dust gathered on the graves of the victors and the vanquished.”

“What kind of people are we there?”

“These are not nice people.”

“The consumptive apparition now moving in a graceful whirling dance among the splattered eggs and the cabbages.”

“He felt like shuddering.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Teegan wears a leather minidress and looks like an over stuffed sausage. Sinead shows up at Katys’ funeral and reveals her daughter died of an undiagnosed and untreated heart condition. Diane blubbers and attempts reconciliation, Sinead has antipathy toward Diane. Finn is non-participating. Tony offers no apology for his declaration of hostility. Ste, Fraser, Trevor, Teegan and Leela bore. Sinead buries her daughter, her turmoil has no conclusion. Lindsey admits she was prejudiced against a teen trash ho mother but does not apologise for the reputational damage and death she has caused. Candid reflections are needed.

Cleared out a tape from 2003. It opened with a ‘Dead Like Me’ episode ‘Dead Girl Walking’ in which Georgia whines. She had plenty of time to dodge the crashing Mir toilet seat; she was just too lazy. The Reapers come across as empathetically incredulous idiots. Georgia’s parents are unvarnished, unapologetically, unambiguous jerks. This was hackneyed. Then came another ‘Dead Like Me’ episode ‘Curious George’ in which Georgia wears white opaque tights with black shoes. She has got a temp job at a workplace of fools where she bangs away at outdated computer technology. Georgia breaks into her old home and learns everything she once owned has been boxed away. Georgia never learns. This was non-poignant.

Then came an ‘Invisible Man’ episode ‘Germ Theory’ in which Darien has a weird Quicksilver illness. Brandy Ledford the network mandated show killer is barely in this. This looks like a low budget show from the 90s. Darien is reciprocal and spreads the illness to all his co-workers. There is bad SFX. Various people wrap bandages around their extremities, Darien just wears an oven glove on one hand. This was wilting, plus Claire had really ugly veneers.

Best Line:
“Bad words and everything.”

Then came another ‘Dead Like Me’ ep ‘Reapercussions’ in which way too much time was spent with Georgia’s interloping family, I wish TPTB had eschewed that. Georgia spews endless cant. This ep lacked tautness. Then there was yet another ‘Dead Like Me’ ep ‘Reaping Havoc’ in which Rebecca Gayheart of ‘Urban Legend’ and ‘Earth 2’ was kicked off the show. Georgia never really thought things out. Mason is unequivocatingly selfish. Rebecca Gayheart’s character uses a Polaroid camera and piggy-backs a ride into the afterlife. This was not convincing and the aesthetic of this show was just ugly.

Then came the ‘Dead Like Me’ ep ‘My Room’ in which Rube the Reapers boss and Georgia fall to delve into where the missing Reaper is. Daisy the new Reaper and her Grand Old South accent shows up. The show retooling annoyed. Daisy is an indigestible twit. This was not worthwhile. ‘Fear Factor’ was better than this.

Best Line:
“I hated her instantly with all my guts.”

Finally there was another ‘I-Man’ ep ‘The Three Phases of Claire’ in which the Official blathers. Claire is tense and silent, she never was relatable. Claire is in peril. This ep was less than the sum of its constituent parts. My one time enjoyment of this show is a distant memory. Armin Shimmerman shows up to whisper and be unmistakably of the bad. Darien is rueful; Claire is drugged and becomes an emphatic crazy woman. Alex (Brandy Ledford) does T&A for vicarious thrills. Hobbes was never known to smile. This was unacceptable non feel-good TV. The doped Claire and Quicksilver mad Darien go at it to Hobbes’ horror.

Best Lines:
Oh bum.”

“You pervert you”
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