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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Following’ 2x13 promo
Joe nuts, I’m tired of him.

‘24: Live Another Day’ promo
I’m tempted.

‘Intelligence’ promo

‘Made In Jersey’ opening credits
This looks like a show from the 80s, no wonder it was cancelled.

‘The Other Woman’ TV spot

‘Star-Crossed’ Quotes:
“A little cool with their drool.”

“Armed guards, mandatory curfew and barbed wire. Not exactly my idea of home.”

“His problem. Not ours.”

‘Made In Jersey’ Quotes:
“How was the cult farm?”
“Charming, yet creepy.”

“The advantage of free cult labour.”

‘Bones’ Quotes:
“She made it seem like, like I was crazy.”
“Well you were. You killed her.”

‘Game of Thrones’ Quote:
“I will do what Queens do, I will rule.”

‘The Third Victim’ Quote:
“Rampaging suspected murderer with more tattoos than morals.”

‘The Simpsons Movie’ Quote:
“You smiled, I’m off the hook.”

‘Don’t Trust The B---- in Apartment 23’ Quotes:
“What happened to it?”
“It burned down.”

Blue Raspberry Turkish Taffy = okay.

I am reading ‘Dark Mirror’.

‘Lost Animals’ was the most depressing TV show ever made.

‘Bones’ season 9 is utter crap.

The ‘Covert Affairs’ prequel ‘Sight Unseen’ had bad acting and bored.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Freddie tears up over Joe and Lindsey, he’s a morass of self pity. Even Robbie thinks Freddie’s solipsism diminishes him. Sandy is incomprehensibly stupid, it‘s debatable how she got into nursing school. Patrick is viciously cruel to Maxine; his slow poison has reduced her chillingly to nothing. Sonny tries to talk to Lindsey about Katy; Lindsey is smug and denies pinning murder on Sinead. Lindsey’s flawed narrative has to come back to bite her soon. Lindsey accuses Freddie of ruining her life, an ignorant, blatant and transparent attempt to shift blame. Her incomprehensible unprofessionalism has had negative connotations for too long. Her glaring weaknesses need to be exposed especially her lies about Sinead fabricating Katy’s illness. Lindsey is irredeemable. Fraser has Grace arrested for nearly killing Joe, unhistoricity! Sandy is flabby and indecisive. Lindsey festers. Patrick spews lies. Sinead contemplates suicide when she is barred from Katy’s funeral. George, Blessing and Esther are suddenly Sinead’s friends. The psych ward lets Sinead out for the funeral even after Sinead tried to jump off the roof.  Lindsey tells Joe she aborted his child. Diane is her usual atrocious self as she won’t let Sinead attend the funeral and accuses her of dressing like a tart. Finn is ignorance personified and Tony is spineless and you can hear the crunch as Diane breaks his balls. Sinead howls in the street as no-one will listen to her until Sonny shows up with post mortem results. Katy was sick, Sinead was right all along!


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