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Undeniable part 1 + Star-Crossed (2014) 1x01 Reviewed

Undeniable (2014) part 1
This ITV drama opens with a 7 year old girl witnessing her pregnant mother being beaten to death with a rock by a man who was never caught. 23 years later she has grown up into Jane (Claire Goose) who despite a long history of depression, overdoes and insatiability has a husband and two children. She’s also pregnant and off her medication. When visiting the hospital for antenatal care, she sees a doctor (Peter Firth) who she accuses of being the murderer.

It is not the first time she has made this accusation, she has falsely accused men before so has zero credibility with her family. The doctor has his own family and his legal eagle daughter reacts with indignation to the accusation when her father is questioned. Is this another of the troubled Jane’s pathetic stunts? Will reputations be ruined and built over this? Jane unravels, the police woman who investigated the case 23 years ago is on the verge of forced retirement and the doctor has an OBE. Who to believe? Jane has no credence due to her preoccupation and obsession with the murder. But is the doctor just a yuppie scum type in a BMW or is he the murderer? The evidence leans towards Jane being on another falsely insisting mission. DNA evidence does not give Jane any validation. The doctor’s daughter spews hate at Jane but Jane is not humbled and in the cliff-hanger vows to fight on. This was okay, I’m thinking the brutal harsh murder has made Jane crazy and the doctor is innocent. We’ll see in part 2.

Best Lines:
“Walking away from me like I was contaminated.”

“Leave him alone you mad bitch!”

In 2014, aliens crashed on Earth in a total ‘Alien Nation’ rip-off. 10 years later the heroine jogs in slow-motion. There is ill-feeling when some alien ‘teenagers’ attend high school despite the fact they look middle-aged. Anyway only the principle has a liberal-consensus about this. The aliens are kept in a sector due to their highly questionable behaviour. People are particularly angry about the aliens going to school despite the fact they look just like humans apart from some skin tags. Rugged alien ‘hero’ who looks about 35 stares at human heroine amidst the tussles over school integration. This was a trudge to watch despite the cute five minutes into the future technology. The messy plot isn’t helped by the fact the aliens are all whiners and listening to them is like being trapped in a lift with a member of the Socialist Workers Party. Why do the aliens look human? Why did they flee their planet? How did they crash on Earth?

Best Lines
“Or worse, Glee club.”

“Our skeletal system is made up of 10,000 centipedes holding hands.”
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