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Bones Season 4 Episode 14 review

The Hero in the Hold

I haven't watched season 4 of 'Bones' since the episode 'The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond' when Zach broke out of the loony bin. Anyway Brennan gets a call from the infamous Grave Digger revealing Booth has been buried alive. Now the team has to find him. Meanwhile Booth is now trapped on a ship in the middle of the ocean while being haunted by a ghost.

This was a good episode, but why oh why hasn't Zack been back since the 'Purple Pond' episode? Also how does Hodgins get away with stealing the evidence on the Grave Digger case and being unapologetic and callous about it? You think he'd remember how well getting involved in the Gormogon case worked out for Zach. Who is the annoying blonde FBI agent who follows the team around? Booth's moron brother shows up, played by the guy who played the moron alien on 'Roswell'. And the revelation of the identity of the Grave Digger is a bit much, seriously how did that person kidnap, bury alive and kill all those people?

Still Brennan gets to dramatically smack the Grave Digger and stage a dramatic rescue of Booth.
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