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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 1x14 + The Blacklist 1x16 + The Americans 2x04 Reviewed

Why can’t they jut let Skye die? Who’d miss her ho stroll? Fitz and Simmons are anxious and demoralised over Skye. Why do TPTB want us to feel a searing sense of loss over the bimbo? Ian Quinn (David Conrad) is beaten up by an unrestrained May. Coulson wants to bring Skye back from the dead the same way that he was. Why did SHIELD save Coulson at all? He’s inept.

May and Ward continue their thing despite her being old enough to be his mother. The team keep on frantically trying to save Skye by breaking the rules, beating people up and killing other people. Why do they get away with this crap? Why is she worth saving? Why aren’t Coulson and co harried and harassed for Coulson’s grossly obvious lack of moral character? Coulson browbeats another SHIELD agent (Bill Paxton of ‘Apollo 13’ and ‘Deadly Lessons’) into bigging him up. Ward beats a fellow SHIELD agent up and gets away with it. Coulson’s team are obviously compromised. Ward acts like a five year old and needs stark criticism.

Ward seems to want Skye to live so he and she can empty his johnny stash. Skye is stratospherically inconsequential despite TPTB’s best efforts. SHIELD act like fascist thugs. Quinn is a groupie to the Charles Manson like The Clairvoyant. Everything is all about Coulson, again. I’m not emotionally attached to these people and I feel unfavourable towards this ep as TPTB lavish ass-licking on the moronic agents.

This ep was inefficient glumness that was short-sighted and simplistic; this show should be causally discarded. Who asked Ward to speak? Who does Coulson think he is? May and Simmons stay on the plane during the big action scene in case their wombs fall out or something. This show is disintegrating. The disputatious Coulson changes his mind on saving Skye when he learns he is a clone or a Kree or something. There is crap green screen. Skye is brought back to life sadly and then an Asgard reject that looks like a dayshift stripper shows up.

Best Lines:
“It’s medically impossible.”

“It all sounds so diabolical.”

“You have no rights.”

“Sounds like some wrestler from the 80s.”

“Quinn shot Skye for nothing.”

“A long, living hell.”

Mako Tanida (no. 83)
The real Tom comes out to play in this sadly boring ep that focused on Red turning Ressler into Red 2.0. Jolene lurks and pot stirs, Ressler broods, Red’s inept sidekick (Lance Reddick of ‘Fringe’) stalks Jolene and the baddie of the week Tanida stalks and kills FBI agents who arrested him.

Meera has been diluted, Cooper is hectoring and Tom works for some unknown people spying on the boring Liz. Everything Red attributed to Tom is true, so who was watching Tom and Liz? Does Tom even like Liz? Why was he sent to marry her? Ressler’s galpal is an idiot and full of low level criticism so she gets shot and dies. Ressler enacts the labour of vengeance.

There is a twist. People die. Jolene is lewd and salacious. Tom takes off his hipster glasses and kills people. Ressler shows instability urged on by Red. A few facts need clarifying. A baddie has no dignity. Ressler gets an extra kick in the guts as he packs away his dead love’s stuff but Red tries to cheer him up in Red fashion. Liz doesn’t notice Tom scrubbing off blood and soil in the shower. Red gets a private ballet performance as there are more hints about his past and lost family. This show has degraded.

Best Lines:
“You will disembowel yourself to my satisfaction.”

“Mr emotional support.”

“Your little coterie of door-kickers who pursued me with such fervour and zeal.”

“You don’t remember me do you? You will.”

“We thought his empire would collapse, it didn’t. In fact it expanded.”

“Bookish boy turned ruthless crime lord.”

“Reddington sent a psychopath with a knife into my house, he cut me like a totem pole and because of that, Liz finds my go bag.”

“All I feel is hate.”

“Says the man tied to a chair.”

A Little Night Music
Paige goes to church with her new friend. Claudia shows up to ask the Jennings to find out who killed their fellow spies. Where on earth do they keep their stash of wigs and fake beards? A Navy SEAL is being blackmailed, the Jennings are to kidnap a defector scientist who is working on Stealth technology and Stan’s murder of the KGB agent in season 1 is going to cause Gaad to be ousted. Stan is deeply unpleasant and turgid, he looks and acts like a poor man’s Gary Busey. Elizabeth honey pots in a record emporia. Stan and Philip bond at a bar, Stan is white trash posing as middle class - he is an unlikebale, churlish, morose curmudgeon. Philip stares conspiratorially.

Oleg schemes. Philip and Elizabeth’s son shouts all his lines and wants a videogame. Elizabeth is pale and wan. Philip stares in a portentous threatening manner. Elizabeth is uncomfortable on her honey trap mission and can’t get bawdy instead she is disrupted and ill-prepared as she fumbles the usual neat narrative. Naturally later on Elizabeth over-reacts when she learns Paige goes to church as she horrified by the very concept of religion which she sees as myth making.

Philip undermines Martha by sending negative projections about her mother and her hair washing. This backfires as now he doesn’t know about Gaad or the fact that a stinging Martha has filled in a form about her husband. No amicably making up for the annoyed newly weds yet. The forced repatriation grab turns into a bristling fight with no plan, no preparation and the situation escalates way out of control. This was good; it is all disintegrating for the Jennings.

Best Lines:
“Might have been good enough to find them.”

“Happy people go on vacations.”

“How did that happen?”

“I can give you a sock drawer.”

“In the future, could you not?”

“Cute boys cooing about Jesus.”

“Something finds it way into your house.”

“The opiate of the masses!”

“Will you stop being so reasonable?”
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