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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Undeniable’ promo
This ITV drama looks interesting.

‘Prey’ promo
This weird looking whatever stars John Simm. I think I'll try it.

‘Triangle’ opening credits
This soap set on a ferry stared Kate O’Mara and is widely judged to be terrible. The fact O’Mara sunbathes topless in the credits on a North Sea ferry says it all. No wonder there is plenty of admonition for this show.

I made more fondue and guacamole. Yum.
I love Aloe Vera drinks.

I am reading ‘The Well’.

Bruce Forsyth is leaving ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ at long last. He is a national embarrassment - retire!

Recent storms uncovered a late Neolithic drowned forest; it reminds me of Stephen Baxter novel.

According to the news a cute little geep (a goat/sheep hybrid) is gambolling around the fields.

Russell Crowe was on ‘Neighbours’ in the 80s with a mullet and he got into a fight with a dude with a scrunch-dry perm. Cue lots of hair acting as they rolled around on the ground fighting as Paul Robinson watched with amusement. Crowe’s character bigs himself up as the big fat perm guy tries to kick him. It was a wage before he was famous I’m sure.

‘The Plantagenets’ Quotes:
“Soon followed him to the grave.”

“France was lost and the King was mad.”

“There were now two Plantagenet kings in England, but only one crown.”

“Edward’s marriage was a major political miscalculation.”

“This once mighty dynasty ended in oblivion.”

‘Catfish: The TV show’ Quote:
I’m not some crazy, you know, maniac with a gun.”

Sun Sea and A + E’ Quote:
“Me and Alfie are male strippers.”

Animal Rescue’ Quote:
They’ll just keep on breeding.”

‘The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!’ Quotes:
“When did everything change?”

“Captain America is behind you.”

“Do you feel smart now?”

“You break the law, I break you.”
“Each statement you just made is incorrect.”

“No-one tells Hawkeye what to do.”

“He’s taken the whole world.”
“We take it back.”

“That was of minimal difficulty.”

“Your end has come betrayers!”

“That’s bad.”

“That’s worse.”

“What transpires here?”

I finally found out why Riker was always striking such stupid poses on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, it was to hide how much taller than the rest of the cast he was.

On ‘Hollyoaks’: why aren’t social workers involved with John-Paul and baby Matthew? Why aren’t social services asking Mercedes where her son Bobby is? Has everyone forgotten that Nancy nearly drove her kids off the roof of a multi-storey car park while high on painkillers? Joe appeals to Trevor’s better side to let him escape the coma ward and it works. Despite being in a coma for months after a building was demolished on top of him, Joe arrives back in Chester. Freddie and Lindsey are preoccupied being common, dirty trash bags as they declare their love for each other. Sinead cries through her busted drag queen fake lashes in the loony bin as Freddie desecrates his wedding vows. Maxine and Sienna plot. Lindsey sees Joe and reacts with dull surprise.
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