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Arrow 2x16 + Covert Affairs 3x13&3x14 Reviewed

Suicide Squad
Oliver calls on his Bratva connections to find Slade. Oliver is appalling and he and Sara have no shame. It is not clear how Sara has explained her return to the wider community. Oliver vows to kill Slade, being non-hostile does not occur to him. Diggle has flashbacks to Afghanistan as he is told by Amanda Waller to go on a mission to retrieve a nerve agent. Diggle and his team Task Force X aka the Suicide Squad head out. Diggle has to work with Deadshot, Shrapnel and Bronze Tiger. Harley Quinn lurks unseen in the background.

Laurel’s obsequiousness is still present. It seems Slade went back to Craphole Island to get the scary mask seen in 1x01. Shrapnel is not down with ARGUS shenanigans. Diggle grimaces. Shrapnel is wasted some more. Oliver’s methodology makes him shout and his aggressive, insulting tone is interminable. Unhelpful steps Ollie! There is Windows 8 product placement. Diggle has a rupture of trust. Laurel is in AA and yet hangs out in a bar with Sara the wayward hussy.

Where are Isabel and Brother Blood? Where did Slade get the home videos of Shado? Bronze Tiger kills people, Deadshot and Diggle bond and Waller calls in a drone strike. Oliver is miserably dissatisfied and choice-blighted in the light of Slade’s full scale intimidation. Oliver deserves to be embattled. Waller mentions a mercenary named Deathstroke, oh that doesn’t sound good. This was good, I surprised how good given that TPTB wasted Sean Maher AGAIN.

Best Lines:
“I need to know where he sleeps.”

“It’s in the apocalypse in the form of a chemical weapon.”

“Who thought that was a good idea?”

“Please stop giving him books.”

“OJ and Charles Manson weren’t available?”

“Best thing I can for her life? Not be in it.”

“You’re alive because Shado isn’t.”

“Did I mention the sex-trafficking?”

“How contempory.”

“We’ll be putting the implants in their spinal vertebrae now.”

Man In The Middle
Joan and Seth continue their emotional adultery over her relapse; Joan continues to make you despise her. Parker returns and is sent packing. Annie wants to get an untouchable terrorist and goes to Arthur in a pre-emptive strike to one up Joan. Arthur is distracted by insisting on the truth from the self-flagellating Joan and her Paris Hilton style doll hair. This show has yet to address Edward Snowden, PRISM and enhanced interrogation. Also where did Ben and Liza go?

Annie still wears Simon’s key. Annie and Joan rekindle and reiterate their feud. Annie bullies the terrorist’s girlfriend. Arthur plans a drone strike as he and Joan’s marital issues bore. The show deteriorates some more in this mis-step of an ep. I’ve no sympathy left for Annie. She and Joan finally have it out over the crap Joan concocts and the froideur she provokes. Joan is a ghastly, arrogant, neurotic, negligent, callous mass of grievances. Arthur moves out. This show needs revitalising as there is no complicity, contradictions or menace present. Annie has all the confidence and charisma of a compost heap.

Best Lines:
“I’ve passed that door a hundred times.”
“And now you get to open it.”

“I’m done, I’m done.”

Scary Monsters (and super creeps)
Annie stomps around sulking about how Eyal played her over the drone strike. Joan hates on Annie. The terrorist’s galpal runs off. People walk around, not talking but indulging in exhortations. Annie is told that Eyal has gone rogue and he’s been fired. Auggie bores, Eyal annoys and maligns. Joan finally admits how she has messed up at the DPD. Henry Wilcox pulls a fast one, off screen. Eyal is out in the cold, but Annie will never know the truth. Since the Simon Fischer arc finished, this season’s assiduously simplified inanity is lamentable. Eyal and Annie’s friendship is patently broken and it is all for nothing, shame I don’t care.
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