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Movie Review: In Time

In Time (2012)
The money empathy gap has risen to a whole new level in this film. Humanity has been genetically modified to stop aging at 25, after that you live for another year and after that you have to buy or earn time to keep on living. The time rich are mean in this openly rigged society where no-one shows any concern for the time poor people who stand no chance and live in a state of constant self-monitoring.

The low income punk ass bitch Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) and his buddy (Johnny Galecki) work in a factory, then a troubled time rich dude (Matt Bomer of ‘White Collar’ and ‘Traveler’) shows up. He mutters about immortality being boring, gifts Will his century of life and times out (aka dies) on a bridge. This gets Will in a lot of trouble as a greasy evil poor dude (Alex Pettyfer of ‘Tormented’) wants his time.

Will is shook out of his resignation to this unfair dystopia when his mother times out. Will finds it incumbent to protest after first doing some hysterically badly acted mourning. Timberlake’s acting hasn’t improved since ‘Alpha Dog’. Will leaves his time zone and heads off to see how the 1% live. A timekeeper (aka cop) is after Will and his scrub turkey face. Will is stared at by rich girl Sylvia (Amanda Seyfried). Will takes umbrage at her and her Methuselah daddy (Vincent Kartheiser - ‘Angel’).

Guns are waved, time is stolen, Will takes the whiny Sylvia hostage and teaches her about wider responsibility. The timekeeper (Cillian Murphy - ‘Batman Begins’) keeps falling over vigorously. Will and Sylvia are Bonnie and Clyde as the intensifying plot illogic makes you long for this to be over. People die including the greasy evil poor dude and his offensive sexism. This was a monument to mediocrity.

Best Lines:
“Everyone can’t live forever, where would we put them?”

“Follow the time.”

“That’ll be eight and a half weeks.”

“Fifty-nine years plus tax.”

“I’m still walking around, judging by the lack of dead bodies, I have to assume they are also.”

“How does anyone live like this?”
“You don’t generally sleep in”

“For a few to be immortal, many must die.

“You can run.”
“So can you.”
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