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Retro Review: Supernatural (2005 - ?) Season 1

1x01 Pilot
The smug Sam who wants to go to law school is visited by his long estranged brother Dean who asks him to help look for their dad. It seems John never came back from a hunting trip and Dean fears a Woman In White got him. This was goodish. As later shown: Sam and Dean’s dead mother Mary richly deserved to get burnt up on the ceiling by a demon. But why did the demon target Sam’s idiot galpal Jess?

1x02 Wendigo
Sam and Dean go on a wendigo hunt; Sam is an annoying smug ass. This was okay.

1x05 Bloody Mary
Mirrors kill people; this was very good apart from Jessica’s never explained appearances at the end.

1x09 Home
The brothers return to their old home. The ‘Sam is Special’ plot debuts. Mary’s ghost shows up. A truly annoying psychic lurks and John is a terrible father. This was good.

1x10 Asylum
A haunted asylum leads Sam to try and kill Dean. Sam does not say sorry, EVER. This was very, very good.

1x11 Scarecrow
People sacrifice to a pagan god for a good apple crop. This was okay. Sam is a selfish ass as he hooks up with the demon Meg and ignores all the evidence of how John has emotionally abused Dean.

1x16 Shadow
The brothers are reunited with their dad. Meg shows up to annoy. Sam can’t wait to ditch his family. This was good.

1x17 Hell House
A ghost is created through sheer belief. Sam whines. This was good and creepy.

1x18 Something Wicked
Flashbacks show how John was neglectful and emotionally abusive to Dean. Sam is a selfish jerk. This was good.

1x20 Dead Man’s Blood
John fights vampires for the Colt. This was good.

1x22 Devil’s Trap
Meg is exorcised until she showed up later with a new meat suit. John is possessed by the demon and nearly kills Dean. This was very good and intense. Once exorcised, John starts whining at Sam. What is wrong with John? Why does he not care about Dean? It would have been better for Dean if he had bled to death in this ep considering all the crap coming for him.

Best Line:
“Psychic boy.”
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