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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Da Vinci’s Demons’ opening credits

‘Tenko’ opening credits
This 1981-1984 show about women in a Japanese POW camp had nice opening credits and music.

‘The Following’ 2x12 promo
Nutters nut.

Best Line:
“Joe Carroll is the antichrist!”

‘The Raid 2’ TV spot

‘The Quiet Ones’ TV spot
I’m there!

RIP Kate O’Mara

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“Stop talking.”

“I’m going to knock her out.”

“I do not talk about my period in front of my father.”

“She shows no sign of class.”

“I haven’t touched heroin in two years.”

“Dan chooses girls like Shannon who are devious and malicious and trashy.”

“It’s not classy.”

“I don’t trust Shannon as far as I could throw her.”

“He has a drug problem. He overdosed twice.”

“I had to resuscitate him twice in front of my crying family.”

“She was kind of a gold-digger.”

“You punched your brother in the jaw.”

“You’re still drinking and smoking pot.”

“Then you’re not sober.”

“You’ve smoked pot in front of your future mother-in-law.”

“You walk around in a bra and short shorts.”

“They multiply each others toxicity.”

“We need to get her away from him.”

David Duchovny’s new show ‘Aquarius’ about Charles Manson sounds good.

I am reading ‘Pandemonium’.

I made more guacamole.
Sweet & Salty popcorn = foulness.

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Fraser frames Ste for murder. Freddie doesn’t believe Sinead unconditionally. Finn and Diane demand that Sonny arrest Sinead. Tony stands idly by. How consoling Diane is. Diane is convinced Sinead poisoned Katy. Sinead’s insecurity grows as no-one will listen to her. Freddie looks like a junkie and Diane is an evil woman.

Best Line:
“I’m sorry I ever married ya!”
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