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Book Review: Black Wings Of Cthulhu 2 edited by S.T. Joshi, part 2

King Of Cat Swamp
A couple unwisely let a wanderer into their home. Mediocre.

Dead Media
At Miskatonic liberal arts college, two entitled millennials stumble on a mysterious recording. They’re true believers and set out to find the truth of it, but what they encounter is not what they expected. Excellent.

Best Lines:
Did these things, if they were any, even have throats?”

“Riding storms older than human civilization.”

The Abject
Four people go hiking, it leads to a death. Okay.

A short tale of death and cosmic indifference. Okay.

A couple find a thing in a cooler by the side of the road. Does it have any connection to theories about a dwarf planet? This is good and creepy.

Best Line:
“The prospect of touching it had struck her as less than a good idea.”

And The Sea Gave Up The Dead
A journal of a sea voyage in 1774. Okay.

Casting Call
An audition for ‘Night Gallery’ goes awry as a wannabe ghoul takes method acting too far. Mediocre.

The Clockwork King, the Queen Of Glass, and the Man With The Hundred Knives
A man narrates his tale of an ill-advised friendship and a hole in the world. Good.

The Other Man
A man’s life is taken by a doppelganger. Dull.

Waiting At The Crossroads Motel
A man who isn’t entirely human waits at a seedy motel. Okay.

The Wilcox Remainder
A man steals a figurine and is haunted. Okay.

Correlated Discontents
Lovecraft is revived via AI, naturally it goes awry. Mediocre.

The Skinless Face
Archaeologists dig up a statue and go mad. Unsettling.

Best Line:
“No culture recognised by science.”

The History Of A Letter
A footnoted letter suggests at oddness. Okay.

A sad and seedy con is held and something is lurking. Very good.

Best Line:
“She sold issues of Playboy with her photo spread (and spread it was) for thirty dollars."
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