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Battlestar Galactica: Someone to Watch over Me review

This is yet another Kara lovefest of an episode. Kara is ranting at her new invisible friend, who is probably a hallucination of her dad. And no doubt Dad is the lost cylon model Daniel. Meanwhile using Dad's music and Hera's drawing, Kara recreates the song from the season 3 finale in a sequence that is like something out of 'The Goonies'. Meanwhile Boomer manipulates Tyrol. This makes him crazy and he helps her to escape. Boomer promptly beats up Athena, sleeps with Helo, kidnaps Hera and inflicts massive damage on Galactica.

What was the point of all this? Where is the story going? Tyrol is dumb, crazy and violent. Again. Boomer is a stupid mental case. Again. Athena and Helo are morons and useless. Yet again. Hera is kidnapped. Yet again. Roslin is useless and does nothing but swoon. This was mediocre stuff.
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