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Arrow 2x14 + Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 1x12 + The Blacklist 1x14 + The Americans 2x02 Reviewed

Time Of Death
Quentin the only cop in Starling City has the call sign DC52. Felicity is a pernicious blight on this show. Sara, Oliver and Diggle compare scars. Robert Knepper of ‘Prison Break’ guest stars as the Clock King aka William Tockman. The Clock King has a soap opera disease, Sin hangs out, the half-baked incompetent Laurel drinks, Dinah has an awful wig, Moira is scathing, Quentin tries to reconcile with Dinah and Thea is dumb.

Isabel is still AWOL, Felicity is sulking and a Lance family dinner is planned. Quentin’s planned reconciliation goes ass over tit, Laurel goes ballistic with bitterness over imagined slights and Felicity is stupid and has endless indignities. Laurel storms out of her own apartment and Oliver has finally, finally, finally had it with her morally mucky craven self pity. Sara and Sin’s connection is explained.

Felicity engages in a transparent fallacy act of attention seeking. No-one is riled or exasperated by her carry on. Laurel sob stories and de-escalates hostilities. This was a mediocre episode but the final scene where Slade Wilson shows up in stately Queen Manor was fantastic.

Best Lines:
“The dead are owed nothing.”

“Don’t throw parties in my home.”

“Small-time on a good day.”

“I’m done caring.”

“Are you going to blame Tommy for dying?”

“And the jacket?”
“I was cold.”

Viewers need to defuse this abomination of a show by not engaging with it. This show is devoid of authentic sentiment as the SHIELD academy is attacked. The ill-prepared cadets scream, Coulson is a monstrance, Skye is vulpine and Ward has degraded standards. Bucky Barnes is on the SHIELD wall of the fallen. There is a mention of AIM. Ian Quinn shows up and reveals he works for The Clairvoyant. Skye’s back-story is revealed, sort of. Fitz is stupid and everything is always All About Skye. The baddies turn out to be cold-hearted students with no scruples who cook up a superstorm. TPTB are just repelling viewers at this point. An anxiety storm is created as SHIELD fail to notice the birth of another supervillain: Blizzard. This was awful.

Best Line:
“When SHIELD told my dad I was gifted, he said: at what?”

Madeline Pratt (no. 73)
The Pratt woman (Jennifer Ehle) is Red’s Irene Adler as she whines and pouts. Liz has no grave concern about how Tom is uncooperative. Pratt, Red and Liz are after an old Soviet list. Liz is snotty and has more secrets. The more Liz breaks covenant with Tom, the less you care. Why is Red impermissibly interfering in Liz’s marriage? Does his blacklist have a legitimate aim? Why does Liz not care that she and Tom are estranged? Why has Red occasioned this? What does Red see in Pratt and her face pulling? This was a slovenly and not substantive episode. Pratt is bellicose and calumny. Red sob stories and can’t walk out of his history. An annoying FBI agent shows up to over-enunciate. Grave moral errors are committed and I could care less.

Best Lines:
“Calm as a Hindu cow.”

“Do you have any idea whose horn this tramp is blowing?”

“Gassing you faster than a Sunni.”

Phillip hangs out with Martha. Elizabeth and Phillip are scared and worried about their children. Phillip misses out on getting propeller specs. Nina draws up plans against Stan. There is a walk in at the Russian embassy. Paige is suspicious and Martha just needs to die. This was boring.

Best Line:
“A burglary or some Charles Manson type thing.”
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