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Movie Review: Messiah Of Evil (1973)

This Lovecraftian like tale features pop music and a historic voice over as a woman (Marianna Hill) in a nut house tells her story about a cursed costal town. This film is also known as ‘Dead People’, ‘Return of the Living Dead’, ‘Revenge of the Screaming Dead’ and ‘The Second Coming’.

This is a pretentious but enjoyable zombie art film as a woman hangs out at her father’s beach house as a sinister albino eats rats, a man and his scrags have their own personal happening and there is yelling, a blood moon, an all knowing doomed derelict,  hooting, blood, waves crashing and ghouls who look like wax figures chowing down. This is not naturalistic or nicely eerie but it is interesting.

This movie is full of significant discomfort, odd emotional states, old legends, the heroine is a sinkhole of ignorance and it’s womens job to do all the emotional work ever. The townsfolk deliberately, maliciously do things wrong. One scrag wanders a seemingly empty supermarket and finds everyone at the meat counter gorging themselves. Then they gorge themselves on her. There are mentions of a Dark Stranger, the heroine has a stress response and sees bleeding paintings.

The second scrag is unethical, vehemently ridiculous, emotionally comprised and spotlight stealing. She watches a western in an empty cinema which slowly fills with creepy townsfolk, she tries to leave and then they attack. Not authentic or at all freaky. The heroine learns to her detriment she may be infected too by the Dark Stranger and his new religion.

The annoying Thom who wears a white three piece suit 24/7 tries to escape with her but doesn’t make it. No surprise there as he didn’t seem to notice or care his scrags are dead. The fires on the beach turn out to be beacons for something as the heroine ends up in the loony bin. Rough doesn’t even begin to cover this film as oddly watchable demonic irrational weirdness takes place in a very unhealthy toxic town.

Best Lines:
“Some of us can even read.”

“That was the night he lost religion.”

“Well that’s popularity.”

“People would only stare.”

“He was mad.”

“You’re not supposed to eat the fuzz.”

“The fires on the beach are more numerous.”
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