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Book Review: No Time Like The Past

Star Trek The Original Series: No Time Like The Past by Greg Cox
This crossover tale that sees Kirk meet Seven of Nine is a boring, lamentable piece of derivative tosh. The 20 year old ‘Federation’ is way better than this crap. This book has exposition dumps, an annoying frantic agitated ambassador, unnecessary call-backs to ‘TOS’ episodes and bad writing. The Trek TPTB need to develop an aversion to hiring Cox. This was terrible and I can only hope the upcoming ‘Tower of Babel’, ‘Serpents in the Garden’ and ‘One Constant Star’ are good as a reparative for having to read this book with its ass-pull ending and Voyager still lurking in the Delta Quadrant.

Best Lines:
“You blew up their god.”

“There are numerous humanoid remains, lying unburied in the ruins of the cities.”

“Everything is under control.”
“Not from where I’m standing.”

“May you and your crew fly into the path of a black star!”

“Every code needs a key. Every map needs a legend.”
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