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Arrow 2x13 + Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D 1x11 + The Blacklist 1x13 + The Americans 2x01 Reviewed

Heir To The Demon
Mrs Lance (Alex Kingston) returns, the recherché Laurel has snooty distain and Oliver has a perma sneer and is pugnacious. Flashbacks to the Lance family before the island show how Laurel always was an indolent twit.

Nyssa al Ghul shows up to bring Sara back to the League, Moira has malign intent, Felicity guesses Thea’s paternity, Oliver hits a tyre and Sara fights the League. There are capers, Nyssa is slightly tarty and where is Malcolm Merlyn? Felicity sob stories, Oliver decides that Thea’s paternity is the secret they’re all expected to keep and also decides to disown his toxic mother.

Laurel’s descent into darkness and public evisceration continues as she proves she is an awful person. When after six years she is reunited with her sister, Laurel can’t forgive and utterly rejects Sara. So Sara is alone, humiliated and out in the cold. This was very good.

Best Lines:
“He released Malcolm Merlyn.”
“An action he and the citizens of this city deeply regret.”

“The frat boy that you call a boyfriend.”

“Where did you two even meet?”
“Vigilante club.”

“You lied because that is what you do.”

“I do blame you Sara.”

“You stole my whole life away from me.”

The Magical Place
Skye has most of the screen time in this inane ep as she continues being unnecessary fluff who whines. Victoria Hand lurks. Ward and May induce torpor. Fitz-Simmons are teeth-grindingly awkward and everyone worships Coulson as their own personal god. Seriously why are TPTB stuffing Coulson and his deadened trance ‘acting’ down our throats? This show isn’t big or bold, it’s just ramshackle.

Raina and her unbeguiling mystique bores. The clairvoyant is a cult leader or something. Ward wants his dick in Skye. I don’t care about Raina’s past, Coulson’s NDE and death and May should go eat Complan and watch ‘Matlock’ reruns. Peterson isn’t dead, duh. This ep was scurrilous and false.

Best Lines:
“A changing world. The world your organisation brought upon us.”

“They shattered her heart, with a lie.”

“I wanted to die.”
“And we should have let you.”

The Cyprus Agency (no.64)
Liz and Tom’s planned adoptive baby is yet to be born. So Red goes on about an evil adoption agency in this preposterous episode. Red presses Liz to have disengagement with the adoption and Tom. Women are abducted by a dirty and scummy adoption agency run by a bad boss. Liz and Tom’s marriage deteriorates some more. This was dull. Something happened to Red’s family? Meera has a daughter?

Best Lines:
“What are you thinking?”
“Nothing good.”

“The crazy to the totally insane.”

“I don’t understand the reference.”

“No, well yes.”

Phillip shoots some proto-Taliban. Elizabeth returns home. The Jennings have friends who are another spy couple. Paige is suspicious of her parents. Stan bores and watches a pirated Meryl Streep movie with the pouting Nina. The Jennings spy friends are murdered and Elizabeth gets paranoid. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“Why would you open a closed door?”

“You think one in the head would have been enough.”

“He’s a scumbag traitor whose personal life is a mess.”

“What’s this one?”
“Uh, guys on motorcycles after the world’s destroyed. Uh, pretty good.”
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