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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Turks & Caicos’ promo
This BBC2 drama sequel could be interesting.

‘Divergent’ TV spot
This looks iffy.

Best Line:
“Every! Single! One!”

‘Dick Turpin’ (1979 - 1982) opening credits
Great atmospheric opening credits to this show and the music was nice.

Lemon Cordial and sparkling water = divine
Moreish Crackers Chocolate = nice.

I am reading ‘Savages’.

‘Animal Rescue’ Quotes:
“I’m tending not to believe your version of the story to be honest.”

“Go away.”

‘To Say Nothing of the Dog’ Quotes:
“She eloped with the butler?”

“Reading books? That is the cause of all this! Mesiel, you should never have hired a servant who reads books.”

“How will we know where to send the letter telling her she’s disowned if we don’t open her letters?”

‘Charmed’ Quotes:
“Why didn’t you tell Prue I was coming back?”
“And risk her changing the locks?”

“You always used to push the pointer.”

“We have a cousin who’s a drunk and an aunt who’s manic and a father who’s invisible.”

‘Savages’ Quotes:
“It now took two male guests to restrain Arthur.”

“I suppose that anyone can accidentally fall into a pool at a party.”
“Into the shallow end, of course. And in a white dress with nothing under it - as we all noticed before she fell into the pool.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’, Ste gets dumber. Dirk is accused of murdering Dr Browning. Sienna stalks Peri with a pair of scissors. Patrick menaces Maxine. Lindsey is ever more clueless and infantile as she brands Sinead a bad mother.
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