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Retro Review Twin Peaks Season 1 part 2

Episode 5

Audrey and Cooper continue to flirt. Cooper continues to talk to the mysterious Diane. Everyone around them has huge hair and vile clothes. Cooper, Hawk and Truman learn Jacques was apparently pimping out Laura and Ronnette via 'Fleshworld' magazine. Meanwhile the various couples have issues. The annoying Shelly and Bobby plot against Leo which climaxes in Shelly ineffectively trying to shoot her husband. Norma and Ed whine about their adultery. Donna, James and Maddie play at 'Scooby Doo'.

The Briggs family try family counselling and Jacoby makes Bobby cry as Bobby reveals Laura was the one who made him sell drugs. Dr Hayward inexplicably hangs out with the investigators as they have tea with the Log Lady. Leland Palmer continues to get more crazy, nobody cares. Everyone is watching 'Invitation to Love' with its bad fight chorography and worse acting and everyone is double dealing. It is revealed that Ben and Josie are in cahoots to get rid of Catherine. Also it seems Hank was the boss of Leo before he went to jail and he's not pleased with what Leo's been up to during the 18 months he was in jail.

This was another uh of an episode. I never noticed this before, but the door handles in Cooper's hotel room are made of antlers.

Best Lines:
"We've laid in a gala reception for your fair haired boys tonight. All of Twin Peaks best and brightest."
"You holding it in a phone booth?"

"There's a large group of insane men staying on my floor."

"The Owls won't see us in here."

"Get Jacoby, get a net, but get him out of my life."

Episode 6

Cooper's mindset is stuck in the 1950's and as a result, he has so much brylcream in his hair I'm surprised bugs and small birds don't stick to it. The show's melancholy moodiness continues as Leo finds out about Shelly and Bobby. Audrey finds out some more info on the perfume counter/hooking at One Eyed Jack's set-up. Instead of going to the cops, she decides to apply for a job. I know Twin Peaks is a baroque place sealed off from the real world, but that is still a monumentally stupid idea. Why doesn't she go to the cops?

Catherine learns from a concerned insurance man about Ben and Josie. Leo shoots poor Waldo the bird but not before Waldo reveals Leo hurt Laura. Cooper and Ed go undercover at One Eyed Jack's, Ed sports the fakest looking wig and moustache. Bobby plants drugs on James and someone spies on Maddie.

This was another uh of an episode. As Audrey works in the perfume counter, you can see a life-size cut out of what appears to be the Emerald character from 'Invitation to Love'

Best Line:
"Laura had a lot of secrets."

Episode 7

Audrey is now one of the One Eyed Jack's girls and is fitted with one of their tacky hooker corsets. The fact she's more or less trapped in a brothel owned by her father who stocks it with his employees still hasn't dawned on her. Leo prepares to burn the mill and Shelly who he has tied up inside. Nadine attempts suicide. Josie paid Hank to kill her husband and he's now blackmailing her over it. Leo tries to kill Bobby but Hank shoots Leo, in a funny moment as Leo goes axe crazy Bobby smacks into a tv which somehow switches on to show 'Invitation to Love'. So as Leo lies there bleeding, he can watch the soap and see put-upon Chet shoot the hoodlum Montana.

Leland kills the sleazy Jacques. Catherine, Pete and Leo are all caught up in the mill fire. Truman and Cooper turn on James over the planted drugs. Ben comes into One Eyed Jack's looking for some action from the new girl aka Audrey. Cooper is shot.

And thus endeth Twin Peaks first season. It is clear that Laura was not the princess she first appeared. She experienced the town as unrelenting hell and was sleeping with half the town and involved in criminal acts with the other half. She was involved in a disturbing relationship with Leo but what prompted her self destructive self hate?

There were a host of unanswered questions left for season 2. Who attacked Jacoby? What was the deal with 'Fleshword'? It turns out Jacques wasn't pimping Laura out, the whole thing was Laura's idea, but why? Don't Donna, James, Bobby and Audrey go to school anymore? Where did Mike go? Why was Laura so messed up?

This was an okay episode.

Reviewing Season 1 was disappointing. Nostalgia isn't good sometimes. Season 2 answered some questions and revealed Laura's murderer before spinning off into increasing bizarreness and got the show cancelled by being too damn weird.
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