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Movie Review: My Week With Marilyn (2011)

This is based on Colin Clark’s memoirs about his work on the set of ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’ where he leered over Marilyn Monroe. Vivien Leigh (played by a onetime 90s it girl) and Laurence Olivier stalk around. Paula, Monroe’s acting coach tries to keep Monroe functional. Colin treats a wardrobe girl (Emma Watson) badly. Dame Sybil is peppy. Annoying union types annoy. Monroe is tardy and can’t say her lines; Olivier wears excessive lipstick and looks like a corpse walking. Everyone raves about Monroe’s great talent, which is nowhere to be seen but her candyfloss hair and perpetually open mouth is.

Monroe drinks, takes pills, won’t get out of bed and her little girl lost act works on Colin. Arthur Miller barely features, ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’ is a not very funny light comedy, the non-waif Marilyn isn’t collaborative and is in fact non-negotiable to an unprecedented degree. This is a sanitised take on the nightmare that was working with Monroe, this started out frothy but the froth was overwhelmed by low class sleaze.

Best Lines:
“I was always the disappointment.”

“Who built this place? Hansel and Gretel?”

“I’m 43 darling; no-one will love me for very much longer.”

“Truth and artificial crap.”

“Eight months of this? I’d rather kill myself.”

“Use your substitutions.”

“Trying to teach Marilyn how to act is like teaching Urdu to a badger!”
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