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Elementary 2x13 + Revenge 3x12 Reviewed

All In The Family
Holmes is disrespectful and Watson is full of criticism and just doesn’t get it. Bell works in demographics and is apprehensive. Gregson just goes on validating Holmes and Watson. Paul Sorvino guest stars as a mafia dude. Holmes is ill mannered with no respect and has no concept of change worthy behaviour and the fuel that moves his train is not insight. The NSA, PRISM and Holmes forcing rejection are thrown into this episode and it still bored. Add in a mob plant, a decaying crime family, geriatrics planning to kill each other and this boring episode just became plain bad.

Best Lines:
“Currently shackled to a table in an interview room.”

“The mob was like a soap opera back then.”

“I’m a law abiding citizen but if I wasn’t, the mutt who’d done this would be in the ground tomorrow.”

“This is how they start.”

“A man who dissolves heads in battery acid.”

“I’m not a deranged lunatic.”

“Your federal overlords.”

“The shadowy utterances.”

“You rat bastard.”

Emily’s irritating voice-overs return. The porno looking Niko is the daughter of the dead revenge mentor and looks like she strips for candy. Emily is slightly wan and severely constrained as she wakes up in Grayson manner. Sara is classless and further aligns herself with Daniel. Jack has turned into a Charles Manson-looking demonic hippy. Margaux is troubled and ambivalent. Daniel is irresponsible and Patrick is hysterical and controlling. Nolan has animosity, Niko can’t act, Emily learns she didn’t emerge unscathed from the shooting and Victoria gloats. Nobody in this show is human, they’ve all become monsters.

Ethereal, overworked and burnt out Emily does her unique style of brain storming, Aidan is a bad lover, the unhealthy Patrick gets violent, Victoria paws at the infinity box, Daniel minimises his sins to Sara and Nolan creates a cover story as he plans revenge. This was dire, my feelings of derision for this show have returned. Emily has lost it and mood swings, Aiden sneers and undermines, Margaux is dumb, Conrad is a prophylactic, Niko vows to avenge her dead dad - damn revenge mentor and his brainwashing indoctrination. Victoria whines again about her loveless marriage, well why has she stayed for 25 years? This was extra vicious, hateful and hurtful.

Best Lines:
“Our will to endure.”

“How’s Aidan handling everything?”
“Poorly, but he’s agreed not to retaliate against Daniel.”

“Now pick yourself up and get the hell out of my bar.”

“Try to keep your violent confrontations to a minimum.”

“You chose your blood over your bastard.”
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