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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Blacklist’ 1x16 promo
Tom gets his spy-fu on. Yay!

‘Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers’ (1988) trailer
Be a happy camper or else you’ll get stuffed down a toilet or worse.

Best Line:
“Goodnight campers!”

‘A Long Way Down’ TV spot

‘The Blacklist’ and ‘The Following’ renewed. Yay!

Swiss Chocolate & Salted Caramel pudding = yum.
I adore Almond & Orange Dark Chocolate.
I made Guacamole, yum yum yum.

There will be no review of ‘The Musketeers’ 1x07 ‘A Rebellious Woman’.

Super Fun Night’ is not funny at all.

I’ve done Monterey (nice aquarium) and Hearst Castle (beautiful swimming pools and great fudge).

Read about the Turkish town of Hasankeyf, which is set to disappear beneath a new reservoir. Said reservoir will wipe out a medieval bridge crossed by Marco Polo, archaeological evidence of the beginnings of agriculture and not to mention the town itself which bears the mark of nine civilisations including Persian, Hittite, Sumerian, Assyrian, Rome, Byzantines and Ottomans. Ah, progress.

‘Witchboard’ (1986) Quotes:
“I’m trying to help you.”
“Fine. Stop moving.”

The Beggar Bride’ Quote:
“She is one of a multitude of divorced woman who have turned this street into a landmark, somewhere for married women to point at and dread, as once they dreaded the bogeyman.”

‘Animal Rescue’ Quotes:
“If they don’t give me a call, I’ll come looking for them.”

“Sat there and done a poo.”

‘Tomorrow When The War Began’ The Making Of Quote:
“Bless them, but they come with some pretty atrocious hairstyles.”

‘Dr Phil’ Quotes:
“She looks like death walking.”

“Certainly non-functional.”

“You’re living with bags of vomit under your bed, in your car.”

“You found her unconscious with a needle hanging out of her arm.”

“Everything you say is a lie.”

“I hate you for this Michelle, I really do.”

“If her lips are moving, she’s either lying or throwing up.”

“She was basically dead.”

‘Shadows Of Falling Night’ Quotes:
“When I was at the Sorbonne the primary local sport was rioting, with ‘68 already a fading nostalgic memory from a previous generation.”

“She said their future selves might be loading the dice from a long time from now.”

“Adrian had told her he had to ration his use of it because of the way it affected you if you thought in it for too long.”

“Oh. I think I saw a movie about that. There were many guns and Gretel wore black leather.”
“That’s not the original version.”

“Let us leave this vulgar excrescence.”

“It’s like licking a sick rat.”

“Cold and deep and infinitely malignant.”
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