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Arrow 2x12 + The Blacklist 1x12 Reviewed

Isabel is still AWOL. Oliver keeps talking about how bad things happened to Slade on craphole island. Roy slaps water. Laurel has a venomous town, is poisonous and acts uncaringly toward Quentin. The Bronze Tiger escapes prison, Walter asks Moira to run for Mayor against Blood and Quentin tries to drag Laurel and her scary chin implant to AA. Bronze Tiger sneaks around Malcolm Merlyn’s house, which is in receivership apparently. A photograph of Tommy is on display in Malcolm’s house, awww.

Malcolm kept a prototype earthquake machine in his garage. The blathering skank Laurel faces disbarment. Roy’s sanity sabbatical is over and he makes a discovery. Why can’t Thea know about Oliver and Roy? Moira is slime and flashbacks to craphole island show how Slade didn’t want to succumb to aggression, but he will find out Oliver lied to him and Oliver will try to kill him. Poor Slade, Oliver can be a tool. This episode had flaws but it was okay and set some interesting stuff up.

Best Lines:
“It warped his mind.”

“Got enough beverage money I see.”

“He seems to be five kinds of angry.”

“Troubling use of past tense there.”

“You need help.”
“Not from them.”

“You got angry face.”

“What happened with Slade?”

“You’re now in a new tax bracket.”

“He’s processing.”

“I stress-eat.”

“My identity is highly classified.”
“Then why are you introducing yourself to me?”

“Is this the part where you kill me cos I know your secret?”

The Alchemist (no 101)
A man protects the guilty by turning the innocent into the guilty via genetic manipulation and killing them. Red likes Richard Pryor, Tom and Liz have a baby shower and then fight over maternity leave. The black site mole is revealed and Liz brings to justice the man who made the innocent die so the guilty could live. This was good except for the bad guy’s annoying wife and Liz neglecting Tom.

Best Lines:
“He isn’t Vegan is he?”

“Bring to justice some of the most vile creatures who ever lived.”

“I will literally vomit all over this counter top.”
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