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Book Review: Blood Bank

Blood Bank by Tanya Huff

A collection of short stories about Vicki, Henry and Mike after their adventures in the five 'Blood' novels. If you enjoyed the books 'Blood Price', 'Blood Trail', 'Blood Pact', 'Blood Lines' and 'Blood Debt' or the short-lived tv show 'Blood Ties' that was based on the books, you should love this collection as it has eight short stories and the script for the episode Huff wrote for 'Blood Ties'.

This Town Ain't Big Enough
Vicki learns that another vampire is in her city and killing. So it's on! This is a nice funny story that features death by tanning lamp. This was very good.

What Manner Of Man
This is a tale of Henry's past with daring do in Regency England, this was good.

The Cards Also Say
An unbalanced man is stalking Vicki and its going to take all her humanity to stop him. This was good and Mike gets to be in peril.

The Vengeful Spirit Of Lake Nepeakea
This is a hilariously funny tale of Mike and Vicki on a working holiday in a small town. They come up against an obnoxious property developer and a lake monster. This was excellent.

Someone To Share The Night
Henry needs some loving, so he posts a personal ad. This was okay.

Another Fine Nest
Vicki vs giant, blood sucking, subway dwelling bugs. This was hilarious and very good.

This is another tale of Henry's past and how he avenged himself on the Inquisition after they tortured his mortal lover to death. This was dark but good.

Critical Analysis
Vicki discovers that a writer is the victim of his own creation brought to life by technology. This is a good tale.

So This Is Christmas
Vicki gets scrooged, this is an extremely funny tale.

Stone Cold
The script of episode 9 of the tv show. Apparently only 6 lines of Huff's original dialogue remains. This is an interesting read.
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