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Elementary 2x12 + Revenge 3x11 Reviewed

The Diabolical Kind
Holmes remembers he has bees, writes letters to Moriarty and Watson’s character is corroded some more. Moriarty resurfaces, paints Watson and consults on a case involving a kidnapped girl. Watson does indignant, Holmes does exhibitionism and all Moriarty knows how to do is sell and be sold. The plot is wafer thin but this is okay. Some plot hints are dropped: who was Moriarty’s mentor and where is her little black book? Does any of this tie into Mycroft? Can Moriarty reform? Does anyone care if she does?

Best Lines:
“So I opt not to play.”

“You hid them in a bee hive.”

“In a word, idiotic.”

“Is that how you learned to be one of them?”

Lydia annoys, Daniel dials up his evil meter, Jack is a wuss, Aiden yells and Nolan is an idiot. Victoria is a person of interest and Emily is in a bad way. Victoria tells Patrick that Emily is a grifter causing him to turn on Nolan. Patrick and Lydia are trash, Aiden has misunderstood how bad Emily’s condition is, French chick is played and Emily has neurological damage. The Graysons are onto Emily, Lydia is got and an annoying nurse (Stephanie Jacobson of ’Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ and ’Battlestar Galactica: Razor’) shows up. Daniel’s cracked, Aiden has secrets and Emily is now the hunted. This was good, I was this close to dropping the show but this episode changed my mind.

Best Lines:
“They’ll turn that hospital into a fortress.”
“Then it’s a good thing I paid for half of it.”

“Lydia Davis is one step above a call girl.”

“She’s innocent Charlotte.”
“I don’t think she is. No-one does.”

“A sick and venomous liar.”

“She broke him Conrad.”

“That vicious woman.”

“Lydia goes.”

“All you have to do is trust me.”
“That’s what you said to David Clarke.”

“Your earthly father is finished with you.”
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