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Trailers, Quotes and a 1997 Tape Tale

‘The Following’ 2x08 promo
Mike’s cracked.

‘The Blacklist’ 1x12

‘300: Rise of an Empire’ TV spot #2

I am reading ‘The Troop’.

The ‘Thor: The Dark World’ DVD extras are a bit sparse.

‘Awkward’ Quotes:
“Don’t you do that stuff for a living?”
“Not well.”

‘Inside No 9’ Quote:
“What do you do?”

On ‘Hollyoaks’ Grace reveals to a street full of people that Fraser is Rose’s daddy. Ha ha ha! Trevor lurks.

Cleared out a 1997 tape. It opened with the movie ‘The Craft’ in which Hollywood Wicca is practised by Sarah and her wig. Toil and trouble as the isolated, introspective witches run around in Catholic school uniforms. It is never explained how trailer trash Nancy affords the school. Nancy looks like Ruby Wax and has a drunken mother and an awful creepy stepfather. This is all over acting, plot illogic and one of the jerk Chris’ friends is Breckin Meyer.

Best Lines:
Scary bitch alert!”
“Oh god, I thought it was Satan.”

“You girls watch out for those weirdoes.”
“We are the weirdoes mister.”

“I ain’t her father.”
“Thank god.”

Then came a ‘Xena: Warrior Princess’ ep ‘A Day In The Life’ in which the duo have an average day. Xena uses one of Gabby’s scrolls as toilet paper, untalented guest stars run around and this tries too hard.

Best Lines:
“Another one’s fallen for you.”

“You threw our only good cutting knife at a warlord last week.”

Finally there was a ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ ep ‘Broken Link’ in which the UFP and Klingons have issues. Worf is shoe-horned in, Kira is pregnant, Odo is unwell and Garak lurks. The female changeling and her creepy monotone lurks and foreshadows plots to come. This was all talk, dated CGI and Odo is made human. Gowron sabre rattles and there is a fake out cliffhanger and this was dull.

Best Line:
“Your people were doomed the moment they attacked us.”

“Resist us in any way and there will be war.”
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