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Film Review: The Dark Knight (2008)

Overhyped, overlong and over here.

This is an okay sequel to 'Batman Begins' but it's too long and too caught up in its obsession with its own darkity, dark, dark, darkness. Batman (the ever delicious Christian Bale) faces off with the Joker (Heath Ledger) while pining for Rachel and allying with the ill-fated Harvey Dent.

In his attempt to bring down the Joker, loves are lost, sanity is lost and the Bat is terribly alone. What on earth can they do for a third film? This is okay.

The Good:
The skyhook scene.
The sub-plot of the office drone who figures out Batman's secret ID.
Holtz from 'Angel' as a cop.
Richard from 'Lost' as the mayor.
The Scarecrow cameo.
The disappearing pencil bit.
Were they hinting that Joker knows who Batman really is?
Eric Roberts character getting dropped off a building.
Dent punching the guy in court.
The opening bank robbery featuring Mahone from 'Prison Break'.
Gordon smashing the bat signal with an axe.

The Bad:
How did Harvey not die from trauma or massive infection?
With the change of actress playing Rachel, she suddenly ages about 15 years
with no explanation.
How did no-one wonder how Batman got to China? How did Batman get the
prisoner back to Gotham anyway?
This film was more about Dent then Batman.
The social experiment with the two boats didn't really grab me.
They really shouldn't have put the bit with Gordon smashing the bat-signal
with an axe in the trailer. 
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