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Book Review: Indexing

Indexing by Seanan McGuire
Fairy tales want to be told, they want to become reality. This is bad news for anyone who gets caught up in it. The ATI Management Bureau defends the world from fairy tales. One team of agents is made up of a Snow White, an elf and a failed Wicked Stepsister among others. Their job is to save the world and avoid being consumed by the myth that made them. This was good, dark and very enjoyable.

Best Lines:
“My bedroom smells like apples and snow. Thanks for asking.”

“She has garden gnomes...Those are contraband. She could be seriously disciplined for allowing a representation of the Fair Folk this close to her home.”

“Think you can take on the entire cast of Bambi and get us to the van alive?”
“Alive, except for the ticks, fleas, and probably rabies?”

“We’re tired of frozen girls in boxes made of ice.”

“Glass coffins take many forms.”

“The narrative loves comas.”

“I wasn’t safe. I never had been.”
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