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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘Non-Stop’ TV spot
Liam Neeson kicks more foreigners in the face.

‘The Widower’ promo
This ITV 3 part drama looks interesting.

Reviews of ‘My Week With Marilyn’, ’The Troop’, ’Insurgent’ and ’The Demonologist’ forthcoming.

I am reading ‘Hang Wire’.

Lemon Sherbet Taffy = okay.

‘Hang Wire’ Quotes:
“Sharp and stabby death was imminent if he didn’t start paying attention.”

“Full of death and screaming.”

“Comets were omens, portents, inscrutable somethings that arced across the sky, seeding cold evil from stars wherever they traveled.”

“The man picked a fight with a clown and won.”

‘Charmed’ Quote:
“Baited breath.”

‘Awkward’ Quote:
“I was slumming it with you.”

‘Jonathan Creek’ Quote:
“What community would that be? Twin Peaks?”

‘Dr Phil’ Quote:
“I also remember playing dress up with her stripper clothes.”

‘The Mindy Project’ Quotes:
“That’s urine.”

“Sex plans.”

“You smell terrible.”

“Co-opted by white camping culture.”

“Sad, disgusting losers.”

“Just pass out. Just pass out.”

‘Hollyoaks’ is annoying me lately. Peri is a brat. Sienna guesses that Peri is her daughter. John-Paul is all alone. Nancy carries out yet another hate campaign like the ones she carried out against John-Paul and Will. Sienna is fragile. Peri and Tom torment Sienna. Frankie wants man-loving from Jack. Ste walks in on Tegan and Fraser sucking face.
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