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Arrow 2x11 + The Blacklist 1x11 + Falling Skies 2x05&2x06 Reviewed

Blind Side
Blood the saint of Starling City kills his mother. Roy is frozen faced; Laurel has the audacity to ask the Hood to look into Blood. Sin resurfaces and pretends to be a prostitute in “something slutty“ of Thea‘s. The pill gobbling Laurel looks weird thanks to her polyester hair extensions and botox. Roy beats up a man, Blood is a bad guy, Slade menaces Blood and Laurel is arrested. Everyone thinks Laurel is a pill stealing, drug addicted loon. So she’s a fired presumed congenital liar. Ha ha!  Flashbacks to craphole island show how Sara broke with the disgusting Ivo and how Oliver was unwashed. Sara also told Oliver that Laurel was a sneaky bitch who stole Oliver from her. This was good, but Oliver is easily manipulated.

Best Lines:
“Lurking in an alley, that’s not at all creepy.”

“His last name is Blood. That can’t be a good sign.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“Let’s find us a bad guy.”

“Vigilante! We know you’re here!”

“You ungrateful bitch.”

The Good Samaritan Killer (no 106)
Liz’s wig annoys. Liz continues to ignore the adoption so she can catch a bag of bones serial killer. People in dark rooms blather about how the blacksite was knocked out. Fat Red and his myopia strolls around killing people. Ressler is walking, people blather about a mole, someone is framed and the serial killer’s victims turn out to be not so innocent. Alan Alda guest stars in one scene that hints at a twist involving Red. This was a mess of bad acting, everyone being scum and Liz being a Barbie by-product.

Best Lines:
“She’s a suspect Harold, they all are.”

“I looked through his medical records; he broke a lot more than that.”

“We’re gonna talk all right.”

“I’m going to find somebody else and I’m going to kill them.”

“Stop with the yelling. It’s just a flesh wound.”

“If you don’t stop, I’m gonna put you in the closet.”

“Drop the hammer.”

Love And Other Acts Of Courage
Rick is found in a ruined city, Matt guards the med truck with a big gun, Weaver is still injured from saving his tramp daughter and there may be a skitter rebellion against the overloads. Hal and Maggie chat and bore. Tom is a moron. This was poor.

Best Lines:
“These some messed-up aliens.”

“That would be different.”

“Stop, stop talking.”

“I didn’t like you very much.”
“Really? Couldn’t tell.”

The 2nd Mass hang out in a hospital in Virginia. Tom and Annie have done the deed. Two weeks have passed since 2x05 and Tom is a jerk, Weaver is very sick, the 2nd Mass have no fuel, Hal is an idiot and Karen is found naked in leaves. Lourdes wants to treat Weaver by heating up his blood, Pope returns with news, Karen is obviously evil, Ben is dumb and the 2nd Mass are morons. This was dull.

Best Lines:
“It’s getting exponentially worse.”

“When and with what?”

“You’re gonna crawl back to whatever dung heap you came from and leave us all alone.”
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