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Trailers, Quotes and Stuff

‘The Following’ 2x07 promo
Joe and Emma can’t control the new cult. Interesting.

‘Heroes Reborn’ trailer
A 13 ep miniseries of random plot incoherence in 2015. No!

‘The Blacklist’ 1x11 promo

‘Big Tips Texas’ opening credits
Trash about catty ass bitches.

Seville orange marmalade = nice.
Drinking Chocolate = okay.
Butterscotch Angel Delight = not so nice.

I am reading ‘Indexing’.

‘Indexing’ Quote:
“My day began with half a dozen bluebirds beating themselves to death against my window.”

‘Two and A Half Man’ Quotes:
“A hot chick carrying a bag of drugs.”

“I’ve fallen for you and I can’t give up.”

“There isn’t enough alcohol in the world.”

“Dead, dead, coma, Florida.”

“We’re not gay!”

CSI: NY’ Quotes:
“Brooks has no known friends or associates, which doesn’t shock me having met the man.”

“Cher had a workout video?”

‘Breaking Bad’ Quote:
“I liked it.”

The Mindy Project’ Quote:
“The original internet: magazines.”

On ‘Hollyoaks’: Dodger is a jackass. Sandy is a moron. Patrick fires John-Paul. Finn menaces Robbie and acts like a freak. Sinead is judged by Lindsey and Diane. Fraser menaces Patrick. Katy is failing to thrive so police and a social worker storm in and take Katy into care. Sinead blubbers incoherently on the kitchen floor. John-Paul is not listened to. Robbie apologises to him. Finn stands around staring like the killer in a slasher movie. Patrick manipulates Maxine. Sienna gets bail. Diane is given custody of Katy. Patrick does Kubrick stares. Diane threatens to call the police on Sinead. Darren and Nancy reunite. Nobody cares about Will, where is he?

Best Lines:
“You gonna tell me why you lamped that waste of space?”

“You deserved everything you got; you know that you little rat?”

“With a face like that I don’t want the Judge to think we’re nothing but a family full of thugs.”

“Do you know how much I hate you?”
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