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Lost Season 5 Ep 7 review

The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

It seems that the Ajira plane either crashed or landed on Otherisle and new lostaways Cesar and Illana are making themselves at home. As is John Locke who is back from the dead after being killed by Ben. Poor John, he can never catch a break. He landed in the Tunisia exit point which Widmore has monitored by cameras (though apparently not when Ben came through). Widmore and Abbadon assured John that they're the good guys and Ben is evil and that he stole Widmore's leadership of the Others and tricked him into leaving the island.

John is ever eager to believe he's special and is apparently incapable of noticing when Widmore, Ben and Richard manipulate him. John looked up the Oceanic 6 only to laughed at, yelled at and told to go away in no uncertain terms. Then Locke learns Helen is dead. Then Ben killed him. Now he's back on Otherisle and gets an unkind glint in his eye when he sees the injured Ben.

This was goodish stuff. When are the Ajira air people? How is Locke alive? Why did Sun and Lapidus steal a boat? So it was the Ajira people that Sawyer and co had a shooting match with a few eps back? What are Ben and Widmore up to? Where does Richard figure into all this? Why did Ben flip out when Locke mentioned Eloise?

Best Lines:
"They're not the Others to me, they're my people."

"There's a war coming John."

"You have nowhere else to go.
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