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Book Review: Divergent

Divergent by Veronica Roth
This is another dystopian trilogy. Beatrice lives in a divided society. After some unexplained disaster, society divided into factions and now it is time for her to choose her faction. Beatrice leaves behind the Abnegation faction into which she was born and where she lived a life of silent, resentful obedience for the dangerous and exciting Dauntless faction.

In her brutal new life she will learn that she can be strong, brave and capable of great cruelty. And she likes it. She also learns that there is much about her society and the factions that she does not know. This is a good dark tale of a broken society. The world building does not make much sense, but that is the point. Something is very wrong with Beatrice’s world, she just does not yet know how wrong. I will read the sequels ‘Insurgent’ and ‘Allegiant’.

Best Lines:
“What are we guarding the city from?”

“Why would they lock the gate from the outside and not the inside? It almost seems like they don’t want to keep something out; they want to keep us in.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be important or something?”

“It made me wonder what the Erudite are doing that requires night light.”

“They will catch me. Please don’t catch me.”
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