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The Musketeers 1x05 + Falling Skies 2x01&2x02 Reviewed

The Homecoming
Porthos wakes up alone in a muddy street next to a body. He’s in trouble. Captain Treville (who looks like Eddie Izzard) is ever useless. Porthos supplies more of his back-story, there is Renaissance CSI, a plot by a bankrupt noble and some annoying old friends of Porthos’ show up. There is a nasty judge, Porthos hides out in the Court Of Miracles, sinister minister Richelieu plans a march of progress, Louis XIII is a moron and Athos broods. There is an annoying harlot, jealously, Huguenots, betrayal, greed, a land grab and no Constance or Milady. This was not good.

Best Lines:
“How old are you?”
“No idea.”

“They remain strongly attached to their depravity.”

“Is it raining musketeers outside?”

“Where did you serve?”
“Too many hellholes to recall.”

“Leave now, I won’t come looking.”

World’s Apart
3 months after Tom’s ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ stupidity, he shows up and promptly gets shot by Ben. We get flashbacks to his alien encounter but there is no reason given as to why they attacked. Also the aliens make it clear they aren’t interested in negotiating. Then they dumped Tom off near the ruins of Michigan and he had to walk back to the 2nd Mass. Hal is a jerk. Tom meets another idiot survivor heading for the looming gutter. This was goodish, Pope has suspicions about Tom.

Best Lines:
“It’s time to face facts. They’ve won.”

“I’m old enough to fight.”

“Not the Harley!”

“This was never a negotiation.”

Shall We Gather At The River
This show has become grittier and edgier. Tom has an alien stalker. The 2nd Mass is cut off by a river and they need to get across but the aliens have blown all the bridges. Tom doesn’t trust himself and maybe he’s right not too. Where does the 2nd Mass get motorcycle fuel? The aliens dropped neutron bombs? Hal calls the aliens fish-heads. Tom twitches and bleeds from the eye. There is some alien tech in his eye.

Ben scouts, Pope makes some good points about Tom but nobody listens because he is Pope but Tom has had a sudden fall from grace and favour in his eyes. Ben’s implant is getting worse, Anne has to do some gruesome eye surgery on Tom, the 2nd Mass has a photography studio apparently but not security for the alien eye tech. The alien attack and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“Dylan’s alive. He’s holed up in a mine shaft in Minnesota rewriting all his protest songs into war ballads.”

“Figured he’s give us all an oral history of alien-interrogation techniques, but all we got is brooding silence.”

“Be thankful that we need you and your band of degenerates. For now.”
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