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Arrow 2x10 Reviewed

Blast Radius
It’s been five weeks since 2x09 and Shrapnel the mad bomber (a wasted Sean Maher of ‘Firefly’ and ‘Serenity’) shows up to annoy. Flashbacks to craphole island show how Sara and Oliver lied to Slade about how Oliver got Shado killed. Slade is going crazy. Oliver has created his nemesis, nice work Ollie.

Meanwhile Laurel chomps pills and won’t wear a blouse. Felicity dresses like a hooker and is rapturously annoying. Roy and Thea bore. Blood holds a Unity Rally. Shrapnel stands in the shadows doing bad things. Laurel looks into Blood’s past and all I can think of is her dodgy chin implant. Roy shows off her powers, Thea is dim, there are revelations about Blood and this was awful.

Best Lines:
The one that burnt down under very mysterious circumstances.”

“A cynical and dangerous PR stunt.”

“Starling City should probably build a bigger jail.”

“Sebastian is the devil!”
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